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Program Detail
Preconference Day
Monday, 24 Feb
  Time              Session
8:00 Registration Opens
Half DayP02: Quality Management in Translation and the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) 
Speaker: Willem Stoeller (The Localization Institute)
Half DayP04: Managing Vocabularies to Support Content Development and Localization Part 1: Fundamental Concepts 
Speaker: Kara Warburton (Termologic)
12:30-1:30 Lunch
Half DayP01: Life Sciences Business Round Table 
Speakers: Clio Schils (Lionbridge Life Sciences), Alexandros Zekakis (nlg GmbH)
Half DayP05: Managing Vocabularies to Support Content Development and Localization Part 2: Best Practices 
Speaker: Kara Warburton (Termologic)
6:30-8:30 Opening Reception

Day 1, Main Conference Tuesday, 25 Feb
E. Unconference
8:00 Registration Opens, Exhibits Open
9:00-9:45 A01: A New Audio CAPTCHA Based on Native Language
Speaker: Alex Liu (IBM)
Host: Ulrich Henes
B01: What’s Good for the Goose is Problematic for the Gander
Speaker: Ross Klinger (EQHO Communications Ltd.)
Host: Rain Lau
9:45-10:15   Break, Exhibits Open
10:15-11:00 A02: Scaling Localization in a SaaS Environment
Speaker: Teresa Marshall (Salesforce.com)
Host: Nicholas Goh
B02: Making Terminology Work
Panelists: Kara Warburton (Termologic)
Host: Isha Sahu
11:00-11:30   Break, Exhibits Open
11:30-12:45  K1: Secret Confessions of a Linguistic Junkie
Speaker: Stuart Jay Raj (Kognisens)
12:45-2:00   Lunch, Exhibits Open
2:00-3:15 A03: From Waterfall to Agile and Kanban
Panelists: Ben Cornelius (PayPal), Mayank Dutt (Adobe Systems, Inc.), Alex Liu (IBM), Kay Phirotrat (PayPal)
Moderator: Willem Stoeller
B03: Localization in South East Asia: Are We Ready for the Tidal Wave?
Panelists: Hikmat Gumilar (PT Indo Lingua Translocalize), Erica Levine (TransPerfect), Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn (EQHO Communications Ltd.)
Moderator: Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn
3:15-3:45   Break, Exhibits Open
3:45-4:30 A04: Video Game Localization with (Almost) No Quality Assurance
Speaker: Florian Fuhrmann (Wooga)
Host: Katie Botkin
B04: Being Googley Yet Truly Local in 60+ Languages
Speaker: Patcharin Areewong (Google)
Host: Kelvin Chan
4:30-4:45   Break, Exhibits Open
4:45-5:30 A05: Control, Not Manage
Speaker: Andrzej Nedoma (XTRF Management Systems Ltd.)
Host: Willem Stoeller
B05: Integrating Technology and Teams to Accelerate Multilanguage Website Production
Speakers: Marcos Cadena (Minor International), Sarayuth Chewarouengroj (Elanex)
Host: Katie Botkin
5:30   Adjourn
7:00-9:30   Dinner

Day 2, Main Conference
Wednesday, 26 Feb
E. Unconference
8:30 Registration Opens, Exhibits Open
9:00-9:45 C06: Dynamic and Integrated Approaches to MT Quality Evaluation for Patent and Legal Translations
Speaker: Laura Rossi (LexisNexis Univentio)
Host: Olga Beregovaya
D06: Win More Customers and Increase Customer Loyalty Significantly
Speaker: Nicholas Goh (Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd)
Host: Donna Parrish
E06: Unconference @ Localization World
Speakers: session participants
Moderator: Teresa Marshall
9:45-10:15   Break, Exhibits Open
10:15-11:00 C07: Best Practices and Return on Investment with Machine Translation
Speaker: Dion Wiggins (Asia Online Pte Ltd.)
Host: Ulrich Henes
D07: Sales and Talent Management in a Shifting Language Industry Landscape
Speakers: Anne-Marie Colliander Lind (Inkrea.se Consulting AB), Viveka Öhrner (ResourceWell AB)
Host: Bob Donaldson
E07: Unconference @ Localization World
Speakers: session participants
Moderator: Teresa Marshall
11:00-11:30   Break, Exhibits Open
11:30-12:15 C08: A Scale of Human-Machine Interaction Levels for Optimal Value Add
Speaker: David Orban (Dotsub)
Hosts: Phanitanan Sanitprachakorn
D08: Beyond Disruption: Make Way For Return on Content
Speaker: Olga Beregovaya (Welocalize)
Host: Jeewon Kim
E08: Unconference @ Localization World
Speakers: session participants
Moderator: Teresa Marshall
12:15-1:45   Lunch, Exhibits Open
1:45-3:00 C09: Localization Crowdsourcing Evolution
Speakers: Robert Laing (Gengo), Guan Lei (Euroscript (Suzhou) Language Technology Service Co., Ltd)
Host: Kelvin Chan
D09: East and West — Overcoming the Stereotypes
Panelists: Nickson Cheng (Lingua Technologies International), Kåre Lindahl (Venga Global), Tess Medina (Chrisian, Inc.), Richard O'Keeffe (EQHO Communications Ltd.)
Moderator: Bob Donaldson
3:00-3:30   Break, Exhibits Open
3:30-4:15 C10: MT in Indic Languages: Future Reality or Sour Grapes?
Speaker: Jitendra Jaiswal (Webdunia.com (India) Pvt. Ltd.)
Host: Isha Sahu
D10: SMT for the Desktop and Enterprise
Speaker: Tom Hoar (Precision Translation Tools Co., Ltd.)
Host: Anne-Marie Colliander Lind
4:15-4:30   Break
4:30-5:30   Closing/Prize Drawing
5:30   Adjourn
Program subject to change without notice.
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