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Localization World Barcelona: 30 May - 1 June, 2006

Need to convince upper management you should attend?

Localization World helps companies accelerate their international business by providing easy access to the right information, knowledge and resources to aid them when crossing language and cultural barriers.

We know that you would like to attend, but if upper management isn’t familiar with the conference or the benefits your company will realize, you need to justify your attendance. Only you can determine what is most important to your company and situation. But think about a specific problem your company is experiencing and how attending this conference may solve it. Here are some reasons to attend and a sample justification letter that you can easily modify to fit your specific needs.

Localization World offers you opportunities to
Gain knowledge you can share with your team
Find hands-on solutions to specific well-defined problems
Network with just the people you need to see to help you solve your problems
Plan for the future by attending visionary presentations at our Perspectives Sessions
Meet industry experts and make valuable business contacts from all geographical markets and multiple vertical sectors
Research new tools and technology
Meet vendors from around the world
Choose sessions from a three-track program
Stay on the forefront of technology

(Click here for a sample justification letter.)

After Localization World Barcelona
After attending the conference, you’ll want to take advantage of all you’ve learned AND start making plans to attend the next Localization World. To make it easy and receive full value, we suggest you create a trip report to share the information with your management and coworkers. Your report can include what you learned, whom you met, what you heard, new tools that were demonstrated and your plan to incorporate your new knowledge. When you implement something you learned or follow up on a contact that leads to a new partnership or sale, document the savings or value. You’ll then have the justification for attending the next Localization World.

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