Meet the right people. Find out what they know. Localization World offers a unique structured Network that maximizes the value for all users.

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The Localization World Network provides the following features:

  • View list of users (only company names and person names).

  • View list of users whose interests match the viewer's. This list will be sorted by highest match, on down. From this screen the viewer can initiate an e-mail contact with the attendee.

  • The e-mail addresses are private. The viewer initiates the e-mail via the Network and does not see the e-mail address. The recipient can then elect to reply directly to the viewer, or simply ignore the message.

  • Users may opt to list interests "incognito." The viewer can send an e-mail, but the recipient's name and company will not be revealed.

Benefits for Conference Attendees

  • Targeted networking. For most conference attendees networking is as important — if not more important — than the content of the conference. But networking is often limited to the occasional chat during coffee breaks and luncheons. This unique Network allows them to plan conference breaks and make sure that they can compare notes with the people they most want to see.

  • Filter unsolicited selling. Many customers in the localization industry feel overwhelmed by solution providers at conferences. This Network will help to filter out unsolicited selling during the conference. Vendors are offered the opportunity to establish contact beforehand. The customer is free to accept or decline this request.

  • Establish peer groups. Listing and categorizing common points of interest helps attendees to the conferences to have fruitful discussions and exchanges of experiences in focused sessions.

  • Maximize value from conference. Attendees to the conference will take more out of the conference than just the programmed content and will be able to continue using the Network after the conference is over.


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