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Localization World Berlin
Building on the success of twelve previous conferences, Localization World came to Berlin on 7-10 June 2009. Over 460 participants from around the world came together to network, learn about new tools and techniques, see old friends and meet new associates. Here is a list of companies that were represented. Photos from the conference are online. Also, iDISC Information Technologies, S.L. has provided access to their photographs from the conference.

All conference sessions took place at the Hotel Maritim proArte.

Conference Theme: Know-how for Global Success
In recognition of the fact that localization is not an end to itself, but just one critical step in a company’s progression from domestic to global enterprise, we solicited presentations that provided expertise and experiences from the entire spectrum of that challenging, but fascinating journey.

In light of that, we offered four distinct tracks:

  • Global Business Best Practices: Experienced business people provide practical insights for companies that want to venture with confidence into new international markets.
  • Localization Core Competencies: An introductory track for companies that need to localize, but are unsure where to start.
  • Advanced Localization Management: This track, the heart of Localization World, continues to provide the latest information on trends, processes, technologies and influences that shape the world of localization.
  • Managing Global Websites: Leading companies, each with an outstanding web presence, offer their expertise for launching and maintaining a worldwide web platform.

Who attended:
Conference sessions were geared towards professionals seeking to learn about new tools, methods and business practices in the areas of localization and internationalization. People new to localization benefited from the Clobal Business Best Practices and the Localization Core Competencies tracks as will as the informative exhibition area. Networking and mutual problem discussion opportunities abounded at the social gatherings, meals and break periods. Exhibitors were present to provide information about their products and services to all levels of attendees.

Why people attended:
Content. The Localization World program followed the precedent set in previous conferences, offering a variety of high-caliber presentations and panel discussions strong on content and short on sales pitches. Organized by a strong committee, the program was a worthwhile assortment of sessions with valuable takeaways for the attendees.

Networking. Localization World was scheduled to give plenty of opportunities to gather with fellow professionals, whether it be at the exhibit area, between sessions, or at a social gathering.

Pricing. The conference was reasonably priced, with discounts for early registration, options for one-day attendance and affordable accommodations.

Location. The main conference took place at the Hotel Maritim proArte in the heart of Berlin.

Preconference Offerings. In addition to the two-day main conference, there was an optional preconference day of round table discussions, hands-on workshops and focused sessions.

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