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P01: Life Sciences Business Round Table
Synopsis: In the world of translation and localization, the life sciences sector is different from any other industry because of the unique and specific nature of its requirements. With regulations changing on a continual basis, a premium is placed on quality above all else. For our Life Sciences Business Round Table in Dublin, we are delighted to offer a stellar one-and-a-half day program with a particular focus on the challenges of life sciences localization. In this discussion forum, subject matter professionals, clients and vendors will be presenting and sharing their thoughts and experiences on specific processes as well as discussing the market entrance requirements and challenges in the life sciences industry in general.

Advisory Board Members: Simon Andriesen (MediLingua Medical Translations), Aurélie Baechelen (Varian Medical Systems), Brigitte Herrmann (Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector), Richard Korn (St. Jude Medical), Sandra La Brasca (ForeignExchange Translations), Gráinne Maycock (Sajan), Clio Schils (Lionbridge Life Sciences)

Life Sciences Business Round Table Agenda
Presenters and moderators will include representatives from Siemens Healthcare, Varian Medical Systems, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Moravia Worldwide and others. During this Life Sciences Business Roundtable we will be sharing best practices and offer valuable suggestions and practical ideas that you can take home with you to share with your colleagues.

The agenda will include but is not limited to the following topics:

Insight into the Medical Device Sector in Ireland and the strategy used by the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA)
Speaker: Donal Balfe (Vice-Chairman, Irish Medical Devices Association/ VP Global Manufacturing RMS, Covidien)

Perspectives on the Life Sciences and Localization Industries in Ireland, Europe and North America
Speaker:  Gráinne Maycock (Sajan)

Life Sciences and Localization Sectors in Asia Pacific – How does Asia Pacific differ from other regions?
Speaker: Clio Schils (Lionbridge)

Synopsis: During this session, we will review the innovation and trends in the dynamic life sciences arena in Ireland, Europe and other locales around the globe. We will hear from three speakers on the unique perspective that they hold in the life sciences and localization fields. At the conclusion of these presentations, there will be a panel discussion focusing on the medical device and localization sectors in Ireland and other locales.

The Impact of EU Regulation 207/2012 on Development, Localization and Delivery of Information
Speaker: Waltraud Winter (Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector)
Synopsis: Just another regulation? Yes, but this one impacts the complete life cycle from creation to delivery of customer information. To fulfill the requirements of this regulation, Siemens Healthcare has adapted the complete process from information development to deployment via the internet and electronically along with the product. For this reason, Siemens Healthcare has developed a new way of delivering customer documentation. This modern approach not only provides Siemens' customers with the most suitable information, but it also turns them into valued collaborators. Siemens Healthcare therefore develops, maintains and delivers topics of information as well as collaboration tools as Siemens Healthcare. The customers decide what to read, when to read it and in which format to read it. In addition to the major requirements of the current EU regulation, we will also outline the adapted development and deployment process at Siemens Healthcare and share some examples.

CMS and Multilingual Content Management
Speakers: Thomas Richwien (Agilent Technologies Inc.), Anastastia Stergiadi (nlg GmbH)
Synopsis: A life sciences client and vendor will share their journey toward value creation within the internal organization and the supplier value chain. They will show how they built a case study on the holistic approach to radically redesigning processes of medical content authoring, multilingual content management, production, publication and maintenance in a life sciences environment.

Growth of Digital Content in Medical Devices
Speakers: Mark Hodgson (Moravia), Gráinne Maycock (Sajan), Libor Safar (Moravia)
Synopsis: Gone are the days when medical devices always came accompanied by thick manuals. Digital content is pervasive and increasingly multilingual and medical devices are no exception. In this session, we will provide insights into this trend focusing on the seemingly unstoppable shift to online support and documentation, e-labeling and digital marketing related to medical devices. We will also consider the growing use of social media and online advertising strategies by medical device manufacturers. The focus will be on the trends, multilingual impact and implications for translations, regulations and any differences between the situations in Europe and North America.

Content Challenges in the Life Sciences and Health Care Industries
Speaker: Ann Rockley (The Rockley Group Inc.)
Synopsis: In a recent survey, “Content Challenges in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries 2013,” translation concerns ranked high in a number of areas such as greatest concerns (28.8%), greatest costs (31.7%) and specific issues (35.3%). Life sciences companies realize that globalization of their content is critical yet they suffer from ineffective processes and content control. In this session, we will look at the pain points in the translation process and how these pain points can be addressed through a global content strategy that begins at source (content creation).

TMS Implementation in Life Sciences Localization: Nice-To-Have or a Requirement?
Speakers: Aurélie Baechelen (Varian Medical Systems), Sandra La Brasca (ForeignExchange Translations Inc.)
Synopsis: One of the hot topics today in medical localization is the implementation of translation management systems (TMS) in our workflows for the purpose of streamlining the translation process. During this session, we will try to understand the motivations behind TMS implementation as well as the pros and cons. We will also discuss and answer questions, such as:

  • Is TMS still a key differentiating factor in client requests for proposals or a prerequisite given in today’s competitive climate?
  • Is TMS indeed a win-win situation for both parties involved? What are the wins? The challenges?

Whether you have experience in implementing a TMS as part of your life sciences localization process or chose to stay away, we would like you to share your experiences and your challenges with the group. We will discuss and share best practices that you can take home and share within your company.

Break-out Sessions
Toward the end of the day, we will offer you the opportunity to further discuss a topic that is of special personal interest.

The Life Sciences Business Round Table also includes a lovely, informal dinner for all attendees the evening of 3 June 2014. Transportation will be provided.

For more information or to obtain a registration code, please contact Clio Schils at clios@localizationinstitute.com.

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