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TS2-3: Translation Automation

Introductions: Jaap van der Meer (TAUS)

MT Post-editing in English-to-Japanese Translation
Speaker: Salim Roukos (IBM)
Synopsis: In this presentation, Salim Roukos will detail IBM’s experience of combining novel modeling techniques in n.Fluent English-to-Japanese document-specific machine translation (MT) with efficient translator training. Particularly interesting in this use case is the introduction of confidence scores to MT proposals that guide the translators in making quick decisions for MT proposal selection.

Evolving Uses for Machine Translation within the Enterprise
Speaker: Abdessamad (Samad) Echihabi (SDL)
Synopsis: In this session, Abdessamad (Samad) Echihabi will present a framework to portray the evolving uses for machine translation within the enterprise. Abdessamad will share use cases to illustrate how large enterprises are using these solutions today to communicate with customers in the right language, within the right channel at the right time.

Document Level Estimation of Post-editing Effort
Speaker: Alexandru Ceausu (euroscript)
Synopsis: As machine translation usage increases, the necessity to estimate post-editing effort rises as well. In this presentation Alexandru Ceausu shares some analysis and insights in estimating post-editing effort in complex translation projects.

MT Behind the Scenes
Speaker: All speakers and audience
Moderator: Shannon Zimmerman (Sajan)
Synopsis: Many vendors are turning to machine translation as a behind the scenes cost-saving tool. But is this fair to unsuspecting clients? Should clients be informed about this type of machine translation usage, what are the potential risks, what concerns might buyers have, and will this process produce the same quality results as the linguist-only approach?

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