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TS5-6-7: Translation Quality Evaluation

Introductions: Jaap van der Meer (TAUS)

Theory and Practice of Translation Quality Evaluation
Speaker: Sharon O’Brien (Dublin City University)
Synopsis: Where translation quality evaluation is concerned, academia sees industry practices as atheoretical, while the industry often sees academic approaches as irrelevant and removed from reality. Are we really poles apart?

MT Quality: Are You Sure You Have the Right Measuring Tools? — A Case Study
Speaker: Rafael Guzman (Symantec)
Synopsis: Human evaluations are often used on machine translation (MT) output samples to verify or reassess automatic MT quality scores. However, human judgment can be misleading in spite of linguistic evaluation guidelines and professional expertise. Rafael Guzman presents two case studies from Symantec to illustrate how, by using appropriate measuring tools and granularity, MT linguists can be better equipped to more accurately assess MT quality and how it complements automatic scores.

Validating Predictive Quality Estimations for MT Projects
Speakers: Tony O’Dowd (KantanMT), Karin Berghoefer (Appen)
Synopsis: KantanMT and Appen have worked together to develop a model for predicting and estimating the quality of MT output. Tony O’Dowd and Karin Berghoefer present the results of their analysis.

Quality Automation
Speaker: Wafaa Mohiy (Saudisoft)
Synopsis: Wafaa Mohiy will share the experience from a language service provider’s perspective on automating and monitoring the quality evaluation and assessment tasks.

Quality through Partnership
Speaker: Maxim Lobanov (Google)
Synopsis: Striving for innovations, next generation machine translation, cost efficiency and speed of light, the localization industry sometimes misses the focus on quality and people behind it. Maxim Lobanov shares a translation buyer’s perspective and proposes collaboration techniques that can help with driving quality in the changing-faster-than-ever globalization environment.

The Current Face of Quality in the Localization Marketplace
Speaker: Jeffrey Kiser (VistaTEC), Teresa Steinberger (Cook Medical)
Synopsis: VistaTEC and Cook Medical share insights in a vendor-customer partnership on how much translation quality is costing them. They share examples of cost models and present ideas for a new quality model.

Building a Language Quality Pipeline Using Open Standards
Speaker: Phil Ritchie (VistaTEC)
Synopsis: Phil Ritchie talks about the process that his company has developed using open standards to effectively manage translation quality.

Report on the Dynamic Quality Framework
Speaker: Attila Görög (TAUS)
Synopsis:Attila Görög gives an overview of this industry-shared knowledge base, content profiling wizard and tools for translation quality evaluation.

QE Management and DQF Course
Speaker: Willem Stoeller (Localization Institute)
Synopsis: The Localization Institute and TAUS have developed a course on quality evaluation management and the use of the DQF tools with certification. Willem Stoeller gives an overview of the course and some experiences from users.

Open Space Discussion
Speaker: All speakers and audience
Synopsis: A final discussion will be dedicated to the key question: How can the translation industry increase its credibility and reliability through a shared approach to establishing quality metrics and accumulating business intelligence on delivered services?

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