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Disruptive Innovation

Throughout history, new technologies and processes have shaken the status quo to the point where existing products and services are made obsolete. The Model T's assembly line production, digital photography and crowdsourcing are all examples of innovation that disrupted the current processes and product markets.

Today, it seems that disruptive innovation is the new norm. Where does localization fit in this scenario? How does disruptive innovation change the role of translators and localizers, impacting the core of their business models? How do vendors service clients that have completely restructured their production processes? What is the best way for everyone to take advantage of new technologies and processes in order to thrive in new markets?

The 2014 theme, Disruptive Innovation, is not meant to restrict the content of the conference. We encourage presenters to submit proposals that fit with the theme or the general interest areas listed below:

  • Advanced Localization Management: This track, the heart of Localization World, continues to provide the latest information on trends, processes, technologies and influences that shape the world of localization.
  • Global Business: Experienced business people provide practical insights for companies that want to venture with confidence into new international markets.
  • Global Web: Leading companies, each with an outstanding web presence, offer their expertise for launching and maintaining a worldwide web platform.
  • LSP Track: This track presents information about how to run better organizations and increase the profitability of language service providers.
  • Localization Core Competencies: An introductory track for companies that need to localize, but are unsure where to start.
  • Technology: As technology develops and matures, there are more uses for translation automation. This track explores where and how those uses best fit into real-world practice, and the role standards play.

Please submit your presentation online.


Proposal submission deadline: 20 December 2013
Notification of accepted proposals: 12-26 March 2014
Final presentation due: 21 May 2014


What are the benefits to being a speaker or panelist at Localization World?

Speaking at Localization World (the largest localization event in the world, taking place annually on three continents) provides you the opportunity to share your ideas and experience with your peers. Speakers and panelists are entitled to FREE conference admission on the day of their presentation or 50% off the admission of the full two-day conference. MicroTalk speakers receive €150 discount on conference registration.

Who decides what proposals are accepted?

The Localization World program committee will review all proposals. Using the feedback from the program committee, the program chairs create an initial draft program. The program committee reviews the draft program and offers suggestions and feedback. The program chairs may add additional speakers and topics at their discretion to round out the program.

How can I improve my chances of being selected as a speaker?

The program committee gives preference to presentations that contain fresh material and have not been recently presented at other events. If you are a vendor, submit a proposal that includes a client (a submission without a client is rarely accepted). Please make sure that you have permission and funding to attend the conference PRIOR to submitting your proposal.

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