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  Detailed Submission Requirements for FEISGILTT 2014

These submission requirements are the same for all tracks of FEISGILTT 2014.

All submissions will be judged based on abstracts only in the first round. Submitting full papers for proceedings is optional. Attachements are optional at this stage.

We have introduced the following active participation formats:

  • Academic Paper
    Use this category in case you want to orally present findings of a relevant academic paper.
    Successfull authors will be invited to orally present or to submit a poster. Successful authors will also be invited to provide long (8 pages exluding references) or short (4 pages including references) papers for proceedings.
    Paper submissions will be judged based on abstracts, uploading a full paper is facultative and you will be given a deadline for proceedings in due course. Papers at the initial submission stage should be formatted as a 2 column IEEE papers (, they however do not need yet to observe the length restriction. If you published or presented the paper before, you should say so in the submission and you are also responsible for securing previous publisher's consent in case your paper is accepted for presentation/publication at FEISGILTT 2014. At the proceedings publication deadline, formatting and length restriction guidelines will be enforced.
  • Interoperability Showcase (demo)
    Use this category in case you want to present a live demo of a relevant product or solution.
    Live demo is an obligatory part of this category presentation. Presented systems can be mature prototypes or products. Marketing statements are strongly discouraged. Presenter should be able to explain and demostrate at the technical level, why and that the presented solution is relevant for the conference. Cooperations of multiple subjects demonstrating interoperability based on multiple open standards are encouraged. Showcase demo presenters should state upfront if they also want to publish an informative paper in the proceedings in case of acceptance. Short and long papers published along with demos will need to fulfill the same pubslishing requirements as Academic papers (see above). Publishing a paper with a demo is encouraged but by no means a requirement.
  • Case Study
    Use this category in case you want to give a presentation of an industry application of open standards, successful or "lessons learnt" :-).
    This category won't be judged with academic rigor. You may want to present a short demo, as well, but it is not a requirement. Cooperations of multiple subjects demonstrating interoperability based on multiple open standards are encouraged. If you want to publish a paper in proceedings, you should NOT choose this category of submission. Informative publication of slides is possible and encouraged.
  • Panel Discussion
    Use this category if you want to organize a high impact panel on an important issue.
    Proposer should have secured participation of all proposed panelists in case of acceptance. Program committees may make panel counter-proposals based on your ideas or independently.
  • Poster
    Use this category, in case your research, demo, or case study is not suitable for oral presentation. You may be invited to publsih a short or long paper based on your Poster proposal. In your poster proposal you should state if you are interested in short or long paper publishing in proceedings. Publishing a (short) paper is encouraged, but by no means a requirement for this category.

We look forward to seeing you in London.
On behalf of the FEISGILTT 2014 Program Committess
David Filip

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