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P07: Agile Localization Fundamentals: An Integrated Approach

Speaker:  Alberto Ferreira (Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG)
Synopsis: Agile has established itself as the premier methodology framework for the software development process. Scrum, XP, Lean and many other variations of the agile methodology all rely on the same basic principles: release iteratively, work in a more integrated way and speed up delivery through user-focus. It’s flexible enough that you can adapt it to your needs yet it provides a framework that is solid enough to control the “creative chaos” at its core.

In this world of rapid deployment, localization is one of the most critical aspects. Often misaligned with development and always vulnerable to tight deadlines and pressured environments, in-house localization poses a particular set of challenges. However, agile can provide a framework that not only enables, but also empowers localization teams to deliver quality internationalized products despite the fast-paced release cycles of agile workflows.

The focus of this half-day workshop will be to introduce practical and hands-on strategies and techniques for in-house localization teams working in the software development industry in order to respond to the fast-paced delivery required in agile software development environments. By the end of the workshop, you will have a broader perspective on how to implement your localization process in the ever-changing tide of requirements and customer expectations and still make every word count.

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Estimate, draft and complement user stories, features and more
  • Identify internationalization issues in advance
  • Complement development in a relevant and focused manner
  • Optimize user interface and text using basic content structure strategies
  • Synchronize style guides and terminology with requirement changes
  • Build your own localization troubleshooting toolbox using a multidisciplinary set of strategies for identifying and solving critical issues in advance
  • Establish criteria for agile quality assurance processes and testing

Workshop Content

1.Centripetal Forces: Agile Principles

  • Agile: what it can mean for you
  • Defining agile localization
  • Assessing critical value stream issues
  • Establishing vertical collaboration

2.The Domino Effect: Localization Requirements

  • Using personas to define your audience
  • Source text versus master locale
  • Identify design critical issues
  • Optimize estimations
  • Localization tasks versus acceptance criteria
  • Optimize resource management

3.Chain Lightning: Story-based Internationalization

  • Auditing design for optimal localization
  • Auditing source text localizability methodology
  • Making the most out of style guides and terminology
  • Adapting and optimizing text for translation
  • Agile translation management

4.Critical Mass: Testing and Deployment

  • Manual testing versus continuous integration
  • Drafting proper localization test cases
  • Automated testing strategies


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