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The Content Wrangler

The Content Wrangler is a content strategy consultancy helping organizations around the globe deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right format and language, increasingly on the mobile device of their customers choosing. The company offers consulting services, provides on-site and web-based training, and coordinates conferences designed to empower content professionals to tackle complex information management challenges.


Global CMO The Magazine

Global CMO The Magazine brings to marketing professionals globally the very latest and best practices in marketing. Bridging the gap between marketing theory and marketing practice, it features thought-leadership interviews, the latest research, reviews of currently recommended books, upcoming events and programs, case studies and thought-provoking articles, each designed to inspire, educate and inform.

It is developed through a partnership between Global Marketing Network and Vesey Creative, and supports the vision of achieving a stronger, better respected and more unified marketing profession — through education, information and inspiration.

Global CMO The Community is the official community of Global Marketing Network, the global accreditation body for marketing professionals and is the official website of Global CMO The Magazine. It provides even more value for GMN members worldwide, through additional articles, publications and reports. Vitally, it also is the only website that includes the official directory (in beta) of GMN professional members, fellows and partners (including full profiles for accredited members).

Visit www.theglobalcmo.com for more details and follow us on Twitter @TheGlobalCMO.

A as proud partner of Localization World, Ltd., all registered delegates are eligible for a 20% reduction in advertising rates, while speakers and sponsors qualify for a 50% reduction. This is valid prior to the event and up to two months post event. Contact advertising@theglobalcmo.com.

Global Marketing Network

Global Marketing Network is the global accreditation body for marketing professionals. With over 30,000 members worldwide, we aim to inspire, educate and inform the marketing leaders of today and tomorrow wherever they live and work in the world.

Our vision is for a strong, unified and respected marketing profession, worldwide, achieved through the raising of standards within it. We are the only worldwide body dedicated to raising standards in the marketing profession in association with leading marketing scholars, practitioners, business schools, publishers, national marketing associations and other organizations dedicated to raising standards in marketing practice.

For more details, please visit www.gmnhome.com and follow us on Twitter @GMNhome.

As a proud partner of Localization World, Ltd., all registered delegates shall receive a complimentary six month GMN affiliate membership, providing you access to our global CMO community (in beta) and ensuring you receive our Global CMO magazine delivered to your inbox every month, as well as a number of member discounts secured through our partners.

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