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P10: Internationalization: An Introduction

Speakers: Richard Ishida (W3C), Addison Phillips (Lab126)
Synopsis: What is internationalization? What do developers, product managers or quality engineers need to know about it? How does a software development organization incorporate internationalization into the design, implementation and delivery of an application? This tutorial track provides an introduction to the topics of internationalization, localization and globalization. Attendees will understand the overall concepts and approach necessary to analyze a product for internationalization issues, develop a design or approach, and deliver a global-ready solution. The focus is on approaches and general concepts, but will include specific examples relevant to many audiences (both technical and nontechnical).

Part I: Unicode and Character Encodings: What is "Unicode"?
Speaker: Addison Phillips (Lab126)
Synopsis: Why would you need Unicode? How do you use it? What is all this strange jargon about character sets and encodings and such? The Unicode tutorial will give you the basics — and a bit more — so you can talk about text and make sense of character encodings.

Part II:  Developing Global-ready Software: How Do You Prepare Software for the Localization (Translation) of User Interfaces?
Speaker: Addison Phillips (Lab126)
Synopsis: Is your product "locale-aware"? What choices do you have for delivering a localized experience? In this tutorial, we cover the software development life cycle, focusing on what internationalization is, what it means at each step along the way and how to adapt your organization to deliver global ready products.

Part III: Towards the Promised Land: Globalization Developments in Web Standards
Speakers: Richard Ishida (W3C), Addison Phillips (Lab126)
Synopsis: A new era of competition between the major browsers has rekindled work on the HTML and CSS standards. One of the results has been a renewed focus on providing features to support international content in new and exciting ways, from typeset quality presentation to vertical text; from East Asian support such as ruby and emphasis to improved bidirectional language support. In this presentation we'll explore the changes that are available today, the status of these standards and the challenges that remain.


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