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Games Localization Round Table

P03: Driving Global Growth: A Global Social Media Round Table

2012 Advisory Board
Co-chair: Mark Flanagan (VistaTEC),
Co-chair: Ulrich Henes (Localization World, Ltd.)
Kathleen Bostick (Lionbridge)
Oliver Rosenthal (OgilvyOne GmbH)
Ben Sargent, (Common Sense Advisory)
Rashmi Schaefers (SAP AG)

Synopsis: Marketing executives who grew up in a world of mass media advertising already have had to retool their careers for e-marketing. Now the world is changing again, as marketers must go into the uncharted territories of social media to engage with audiences where they live — in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and dozens of other environments. In this daylong session, global marketers and brand managers gather to explore this colossal business opportunity to get closer to their customers by engaging global audiences in global social platforms. Attendees will learn how to establish a social media strategy, overcome organizational challenges, manage international campaigns and define return on investments.

Session 1: The Business Context for Global Social Media in 2012:  Statistics, Global Platforms, Case Studies
Speakers: Catherine Mbeng (SAP AG), Ben Sargent (Common Sense Advisory)
Synopsis: How is the expansion of social media redefining enterprise marketing management? How should international marketers approach planning and deploying social media around the world? What’s the business context? For the opening session, we’ll learn from separate research initiatives conducted by SAP and Common Sense Advisory about social media glocalization, industry experiences, and where social media is headed. The director of marketing localization at SAP will present on how “pull marketing” is a disrupting new force in marketing localization:

  • Social media today: what’s happening with internet populations, global social, global mobile
  • Social media localization: how global platforms grow by going local
  • Case studies: how five business-to-business and business-to-consumer industry thought leaders are driving global growth
  • Vision: how pull marketing localization is transforming SAP

10.30-10.45: Break

Session 2: Global Social Media — Strategy, Structure and Best Practices
Speakers: Kathleen Bostick (Lionbridge), Laura Gómez (Twitter), Dean Russell (LEWIS PR)
Synopsis: Social media raises a lot of managerial questions around strategy, structure and engagement. All of these need to be considered in detail to get the most out of your global social media campaigns. This discussion will focus on best practices for deploying social media within global companies including case studies of best practices. Discussion will include:

  • How to position social media and structure it within your company
  • What tools are available to simplify social media management?
  • Best practices from the leaders in global social media
  • Budget, time and resources, what’s needed?

12.15-13.30: Lunch

Session 3: Social Media Localization: ROI and Analytics Discussion
Speaker: Mark Flanagan (VistaTEC), Rashmi Schaefer (SAP AG)  
Synopsis: What is the value of social media localization to your business? This discussion will explore how to measure and increase social media return on investment (ROI) through the application of analytics and optimization activities and ultimately show you how social media localization can contribute to your corporate business objectives.

15.00-15.30: Break

Session 4 - Open Discussion and Wrap-up
Moderator: Kathleen Bostick (Lionbridge), Mark Flanagan (VistaTEC)
In this open session, round table participants will be invited to submit their burning topics regarding global social media which will then be discussed by the wider group, leveraging the cumulative expertise of all those in attendance. In what promises to be an engaging and thought provoking closing session we will review the day’s events and expand upon all major outcomes and theses.

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