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Games Localization Round Table

P02: Game Localization Round Table

2012 Game Localization Advisory Board
Co-chair: Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino (Roehampton University)
Co-chair: Simone Crosignani (Binari Sonori)
Coordinator: Cristina Alvarez
Michaela Bartelt (Electronic Arts)
Stephanie O'Malley Deming (XLOC)
Laura van Nigtevegt (Spil Games)
Vanessa Wood (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

Overview: This full-day round table consists of several distinct sessions presented by experts in game localization. This round table series is open to clients (game developers and game publishers) and to qualifying vendors (game localization specialists). We aim to provide the best possible venue to enable a fruitful and balanced debate, so we will do our best to maintain a balanced group of participants. The day will end with an open discussion based on information and questions from the day's presentations.

9:00-9:15: Welcome to the Game Localization Round Table

9:15-9:30: Introductions

9:30-10:30: Challenges to Culturalization: Managing Nonlinguistic Assets
Speaker: Kate Edwards (Englobe Inc.)
Moderator: Fabio Minazzi
Synopsis: The process of game localization contains ample complexity on the basis of linguistic or text-based content. But when conducting culturalization, such as performing a deeper adaptation of game titles for other locales and cultures, the management of issues in nontext content can become an overwhelming but not impossible exercise. This talk will briefly address some of the key problems inherent in identifying potential issues in nonlinguistic content (such as in-game imagery, icons/symbols, maps, character appearance, environment design and so forth) before exploring potential methods for discovering and codifying these sometimes overlooked and challenging types of game content.

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-12:30: The Million-moji Challenge: Managing Dangerously Large RPG Scripts and Loving Every Minute of It
Speaker: Colin Williamson (17-BIT)
Moderator: Fabio Minazzi
Synopsis: Japanese role-playing games (RPGs) can contain a daunting amount of text — more than any one translator can handle. And now your publisher wants it in five different languages? With examples of tremendous successes and spectacular failures, this talk will cover best practices for taking a script the size of the phone book and creating a cohesive, coherent and entertaining translation — and avoiding the many cultural pitfalls that can hit when you least expect them.

12:30-2:00: Lunch

2:00-3:00: ROI: Tactical and Strategic aspect of investing in a robust localization database - A Dialog Supervisor perspective
Speaker: Hope Dippel Pavlich (Sony Computer Entertainment of America)
Moderator: Fabio Minazzi
Synopsis: Using inFAMOUS2 (PS3) and Resistance Burning Skies (PS Vita) as a case study, this presentation will provide substantial evidence that supports investing in a full-featured, fully functional, localization asset management database. Each project used different versions of Sony's proprietary database — LAMS. Examples will be given, comparing the LAMS database used for inFAMOUS2 and the time spent working in the tool managing the assets, versus the time spent working with the Resistance Burning Skies LAMS database. Considerable upgrades were made to the Resistance Burning Skies database and these features improved productivity and freed time for creativity while managing all of the localized assets. This analysis will help you to understand your return on investing in an optimized full-featured localization database.

3:00-3:30: Break

3:30-4:45: Open Session
Speakers: Volunteers to be determined at the round table
Synopsis: Previous attendees unanimously agree that networking and spontaneous discussion provide some of the most valuable takeaways from the round table. In two sessions, we provide an open-ended opportunity for participants to focus on one or more topics of their own choice. This is your opportunity to ask that question you have always been wondering about or to bounce your neat, new idea off a group of interested and knowledgeable peers.

4:45-5:00: Concluding Remarks and Wrap-up

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