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Localization Business Round Table

P05: Think Latin America

2012 Think Latin America Advisory Board
Renato Beninatto (Moravia)
Salvo Giammarresi (PayPal)
Larisa Leon de Pairault (Microsoft)
Luciana Vecchi (Adobe Systems)

Overview: Today, Latin America is the New World. New investments are pouring in, Latin America continues to be defined by stable economic policies even though the rest of the world is reeling from financial tumult and technology transformation is helping the region evolve as the New Business World. A vibrant and emerging middle class with better earning and purchasing power is laying the foundation of a booming market across 21 countries in the region. Ccaps and IMTT join forces to bring you the third edition of Think Latin America with participation from Adobe, Microsoft, PayPal, Globant and Common Sense Advisory for a full day of networking, knowledge sharing and learning opportunities. The event is all about high-caliber presentations and panel discussions, innovative ideas and pure excellence brought to you by a committee of industry experts. You already know about the success stories of global companies in Latin America. It is time to get to the heart of the region. This event will give you an intuitive feel for what makes Latin America so exciting for buyers and suppliers from a globalization and business perspective — both online and offline.

9:00-9:15: Opening Session
Hosts: Robert Bishop, Fabiano Cid

9:15-9:45: GALAtam — GALA Members and Activities in Latin America
Speaker: Hans Fenstermacher (Globalization and Localization Association)
Synopsis: Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, GALA has become an important resource for the translation industry, serving member companies with valuable programming, community engagement and effective organization. GALA supports its members and the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge and advancing technology. The GALA members in Argentina now represent the third largest contingency of GALA’s membership worldwide, which has led to increased local programming. This brief overview will look at GALA’s current programming, including how GALA is working with local member companies in Latin America to educate the local business community about how the right multilingual content strategy drives international commerce, opens new revenue streams and increases market share.

9:45-10:30: Looking South for Inspiration: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Content in the Young World
Speaker: Rob Salkowitz (MediaPlant LLC)
Synopsis: Some of the best ideas and solutions of the twenty-first century are coming from creative entrepreneurs in the “Young World,” the emerging economies of the south. The rising global generation sees business differently, and their success is helping to turn Latin America from consumers of content, technology and innovation into producers of world-class ideas and disruptive business models. How will this trend affect the dynamics of the creative and content-based digital economy in the next decade? Join Rob Salkowitz as he shares stories and insights from his work.

10:30-11:00: Break

11:00-11:45: The Rise of Multilatinas: Latin America as a Source Language Market
Speaker: Renato Beninatto (Moravia)
Synopsis: Latin America is traditionally seen as the backyard of business — a great market to sell goods from the United States, Europe and Asia. With half a billion people and two languages, it is definitely an attractive region. However, brands like Chevron, Sara Lee’s Bakery, Entenmann’s, Burger King, Thomas’ English Muffins and Swift now belong to Latin American conglomerates that are expanding worldwide. Companies like Embraer export high value and technology to the world, instead of just commodities. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity? Are you really thinking Latin America?

11:45-12:30: LatAm Jam Session - Three Influential Women in Localization Speak About Latin America
Panelists: Katia Azevedo (Xerox), Larisa Leon de Pairault (Microsoft), Sonia Oliveira (Zynga)
Moderator: Renato Beninatto
Synopsis: Three localization executives will provide an interesting discussion about their experiences and perspectives in dealing with Latin American markets compared to other regions of the world and how their Latin American background has influenced their personal and professional lives.

12:30-2:00: Lunch
2:00-2:45: Language Variations and Common Challenges in Latin America
Speaker: Larisa Leon de Pairault (Microsoft)
Synopsis: There are approximately 400 million native Spanish-speaking people distributed throughout the world today, with Mexico, Colombia and Argentina containing the largest of the Spanish speaking population in Latin America. The United States is ranked as the fifth largest Spanish-speaking nation, which creates a large demand for high-quality English to Spanish translations. This session will cover the multiple challenges found when dealing with Spanish localization from a production level, such as language variations, quality assurance consistency and more. Larisa Leon de Pairault will also discuss and share her experience on issues of a higher level in the production chain, like outsourcing to a capable vendor and managing localization projects that require international Spanish versus a specific country and/or regional language.

2:45-3:30: A Global Web Presence so Healthy . . . It Shines?
Speaker: Nataly Kelly (Common Sense Advisory)
Synopsis: Latin America is known as the home of many of the world's most successful beauty queens, but how pretty — or ugly — do things get when some of the world's largest beauty brands try to "go local"? What lessons can be learned from global hair care brands when it comes to Latin America? What strategies work best for online marketing and which tactics are a recipe for failure? In this presentation, Nataly Kelly will review strategies used by Pantene and other hair care brands, to highlight best and worst practices employed by the company and its competitors when targeting Latin American audiences.

3:30-4:00: Break

4:00-4:45: Realizing Innovation — Leveraging Latin American Talent
Speaker: Andres Angelani (Globant)
Synopsis: New and emerging technologies and trends, including social media, mobility, cloud computing, gamification and “big data” are revolutionizing the way end users interface with information technology and are compelling enterprises to adapt their business models. As a leading technology services provider focused on delivering innovative software solutions by leveraging these technologies, Globant believes these changes have created a need for a new breed of service providers that can provide comprehensive solutions — solutions that not only meet rigorous engineering requirements but also engage the end user in new and powerful ways. In this session, Andres Angelani will showcase an experiential dive into organizational design, customer engagement strategy, process, talent and corporate culture to create intellectual property for customers while living in the services industry.

4:45-5:00: Think Latin America Seattle: An Executive Summary
Moderator: Fabiano Cid
Synopsis: A wrap-up session with commentary and lessons learned from a day packed with valuable information.


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