Localization World San Francisco:
November 15-17, 2004, San Francisco, California USA
Convergence in the Localization World

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Issues & Topics — Localization World San Francisco
Innovative Program Structure

As the walls between different technology markets come down, the business dynamics are changing as well. Like any other business process, localization is under pressure to adapt to new and more complex products and markets and to produce more for less at an ever faster pace. As industries converge, so does the business of localization.

Today localization is not just part of international product marketing, localization is embedded in many functions ranging from e-business to customer support, from enterprise content management to supply chain management. Localization has also become a vital function in many different vertical industries, from IT - where it started – to automotive, medical, financial and games.

Localization World in San Francisco will highlight the challenges of Asian localization in a number of exciting sessions. There will be a special focus on the Medical Device Manufacturing industry. And we will feature sessions that address the new challenges of customer support localization, looking at innovative solutions such as cross-lingual knowledge bases and automated real-time translation.

Localization World is the place to deepen and broaden your knowledge of localization, not just by attending the sessions but also by meeting the people. You can find former and future conference delegates in the Localization World Network. Using the Localization World Taxonomy, you can set up your interest profile and quickly connect with people in your interest groups.

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Localization World Taxonomy

The organizers of Localization World have developed a 'localization taxonomy' to help active participants as well as first-time 'visitors' find their way around the world of localization. Issues are classified in three broad topics: Functions, Industries & Geographies. This classification is used both in the Localization World Network – where it will help you identify fellow travelers and network with others who share your interests – as well as in the Localization World program where each session is "tracked" according to the taxonomy.

Localization Functions include - with the particular focus in San Francisco:

Process Localization Process — authoring, content engineering & management, terminology management, quality management, project management, Web globalization, customer support.
Automation Translation Automation — Machine Translation, Translation Memory, workflow automation, terminology automation
Standards Standards & Organizations — quality standards, Web standards, interchange standards

Localization Business — benchmarking, business models, markets & trends, vendor relations, case studies

In addition to Localization Functions, sessions are coded by:

Industries Vertical Industries — with sessions on airlines, medical device manufacturing, and games as well as software publishing
Geographies Geographies — with sessions on Asia (in anticipation of the first Asian Localization World in 2006) and on ethnic markets the US



Color Codes for Conference Tracks

The tracks in the program schedule are color-coded to indicate which sessions pertain to which topics – enabling delegates to plan their personal schedules more easily.


Automation Industries


Standards Geographies


Innovative Program Structure

Localization World will introduce an innovative program structure designed to provide valuable content for different levels of interest and expertise. In addition to topic-related tracks, three different types of session will be available to delegates:

  • PERSPECTIVES: Nontechnical sessions with a practical business-planning focus
  • POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Stimulating debates on hot topics in localization
  • PRAXIS: Hands-on solutions for localization professionals

Conference delegates can also attend workshops on the pre-conference day (Monday, November 15) - for special training to develop new areas of expertise or community meetings that promote collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas among professional peers.

On the second day of the full conference (Wednesday, November 17) there will be a separate round table meeting focusing on translation automation. This community building session is exclusively for corporate users.

The preliminary program outlines sessions and topics for Localization World San Francisco, including details of some of the workshops and round table meetings. As speakers and sessions are finalized, this program outline will be expanded and updated. With over 60 paper submissions and a number of invited speakers, the program promises to be rich and wide-ranging.

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