Localization World San Francisco:
November 15-17, 2004, San Francisco, California USA

Convergence in the Localization World

Preconference Workshops — Preliminary Agenda

Medical Localization Round Table, Open to Clients
Ulrich Henes, Lisa LaCroix, Eva Hildesheimer

Introduction to Medical Localization

Simon Andriesen,
Andres Heuberger, Hervé Rodriguez

Translation Automation Workshop

Jaap van der Meer,
Laurie Gerber,
Mike Dillinger

GALA Annual Meeting

8:30 Registration begins

9:00 Meeting

NCTA Workshop: CAT Tools Usage

Tuomas Kostiainen

Education in Localization

Vendor Workshops

9:30-10:00 AuthorIT

10:15-11:15 SDL

11:30-12:30 Alchemy

Lunch, Free Session: Taking Advantage of the US Commercial Service
Medical Localization Round Table, Open to Clients and Vendors
Ulrich Henes, Andres Heuberger,
Göran Nordlund

Translation Automation Workshop (continued)

Jaap van der Meer,
Laurie Gerber,
Mike Dillinger

GALA Round Table for Vendors: Sales & Marketing

Aki Ito


GALA Round Table for Vendors: Operations

Serge Gladkoff

NCTA Workshop: Translator's Toolbox

Jost Zetzsche

Business and Localization in Japan

Nicholas Kovac

Vendor Workshops

2:00-3:00 TRADOS

3:15-4:00 Ektron

4:15-5:00 ABLE Innovations

Opening Reception

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Preconference day: Monday, November 15

All Day events

Medical Localization Round Table

The Medical Localization Round Table, scheduled for the preconference day (November 15), is a focused one-day meeting for people responsible for localization and translation in the medical field. The morning session is open to corporate users only. In the afternoon vendors may join the group. The format of the meeting is one of brief presentations, followed by an open discussion that allows for sharing of experiences and insights. We expect to bring together a group of thirty to forty practitioners.

The Medical Localization Round Table offers the opportunity to exchange unbiased information. Medical companies planning their translation and localization processes can lose a considerable amount of management time searching for information about processes, technologies, specifications, standards and costs, as well as talking to multiple providers of tools and solutions. At the Medical Localization Round Table in San Francisco, participants can establish contacts with their peers in the medical device industry and exchange valuable information, which potentially saves them a lot of time. The open exchange of experiences and insights at this round table meeting will reduce the risk of making uninformed decisions. The sessions will be moderated by Ulrich Henes, director of The Localization Institute. Download full description.

You can register for the Medical Localization Round Table through the normal registration procedure. However, if you would like to reserve a seat (as the number of participants will be limited), please send an e-mail. The fee for attending the Medical Localization Round Table is $350 for the full day and $175 for half day.

Agenda for Medical Localization Round Table
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Morning (without vendors)
8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Integration of localization into a company
Presenter: Lisa LaCroix, Cytyc Corporation

Strategies for working with multi-language, single-language and regional-language vendors
Presenter: Eva Hildesheimer, Zimmer GmbH

Afternoon (with vendors)
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Quality in Medical Localization
Richard Korn, St. Jude Medical
Katja Zuske, HichTech Passport Ltd.

Impact of content management systems on processes
Andres Heuberger, Foreign Exchange Translations
Göran Nordlund, Maquet Criticial Care

Advisory Board:
Simon Andriesen, MediLingua
Inna Geller, Medtronic
Andres Heuberger, Foreign Exchange Translations
Richard Korn, St. Jude Medical
Göran Nordlund, Maquet Critical Care

Translation Automation Workshop

This full-day workshop is a comprehensive and practical introduction to the use of machine translation (MT) in various enterprise environments such as documentation translation, multilingual customer support, intranet and research. Integration with existing translation memory systems and new workflow systems is critical to the success of an MT implementation. The workshop is presented by representatives from Cross Language, a consulting and system integration company dedicated to translation automation; Language Weaver, an MT company; and acrolinx, a standardized writing software company. For more information, please download this description.

Translation Automation Workshops at Localization World Conferences are energetic and dynamic with active involvement from the participants. The workshops are usually attended by some fifteen managers with different backgrounds. Here are some observations from participants in the Seattle and Bonn workshops:

Much of what I hear from my colleagues in the localization industry is that ultimately machine translation will dramatically change how localization is done, and current jobs and skill sets will no longer be needed. An excellent quote from an attendee at the workshop is that “Machine Translation should not be feared, but rather viewed as a tool that will promote efficiencies, cost savings and the ability to get more of the information our customers seek in a shorter timeframe.” — Michelle Lyons, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

The Translation Automation Workshop presented at Localization World 2004 in Bonn, Germany, was very useful — to learn fundamentals of machine translation and to get an overview of what progress had been made and what still needs to be accomplished. — Heinz Lücken, Vice President Language Services, SAP

This workshop really showed what can be done with MT today and, what’s equally important, how to do it. — Uwe Muegge, Terminologist, Medtronic

Most of us think that replacing humans with machine translation is a necessary evil and very threatening. However, I learned that machine translation can be used as yet another automation tool to provide efficiency to the translation process. Machine translation will not replace humans but is used for appropriate situations that call for it. To dismiss machine translation as “not accurate” and therefore useless at this time is pure nonsense. Time and money were well spent at this workshop. Not attending would have put me behind facing reality. — Amelia Rodriguez, CEO, Vocalink


GALA Annual Meeting

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) will hold its annual membership meeting including the election results of GALA Board officers for 2005-2006, a report on GALA financial and membership status, GALA's financial outlook for 2005, presentations of GALA committee work, approval of GALA bylaws and the opportunity for open discussion about GALA's growth and development.

The GALA Annual Meeting is for members only and will be followed by a GALA luncheon for all attendees. Each company is invited to send one designated spokesperson (voter) to the meeting free of charge. If a member company would like to send an additional attendee to the meeting (nonvoting), GALA will invoice for a fee of $30 to cover expenses (lunch). Members will receive a GALA Annual Meeting Package containing the agenda, financials and other information in advance.

Introduction to Medical Localization

Simon Andriesen, MediLingua
Andres Heuberger, Foreign Exchange Translations
Hervé Rodriguez, Excel Translations

A workshop for customers and providers of medical localization services.

During this half-day event, the issues that distinguish medical localization from "normal" localization will be discussed. How different are the localization requirements of the highly regulated medical sectors, compared with those of professional software publishers? Why does medical localization seem to be more complicated than localization for other industries, and is liability really a big issue? How do pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biomedical companies and clinical research organizations organize their localization projects. What are their business models for QA and review cycles.

This workshop is set up as a general introduction as well as an in-depth information session, where the presenters share their many years of medical localization expertise.

Industry overview
Legal and market requirements
Translator profile
Project types
Content localization
Quality requirements and liability issues
Internal organization and processes
Case study

NCTA Workshop

The Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) is offering workshops of particular interest to translators. The sessions are open to members and nonmembers of the NCTA.

CAT Tool Usage: TRADOS
Advanced Features of TRADOS
Presenter: Tuomas Kostiainen

Based on experience, most TRADOS users don't use the more advanced features of the TRADOS software package, even though these features can make translation work much more efficient. This is mainly due to the complex nature of the program and its documentation.

The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to teach participants these more advanced features and how to benefit from them in daily translation work. These features include attribute fields; substitution settings; segmentation rules; project and filter settings; term recognition, maintenance and file analysis.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, participants should bring their own laptop computers with all necessary software already installed. A hands-on workshop is the most efficient way to learn the use of complex software settings and features of TRADOS. However, the presentation can also be useful for participants who are not able to bring a computer. Note: The workshop organizer will NOT provide computers.


NCTA Workshop

The Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) is offering workshops of particular interest to translators. The sessions are open to members and nonmembers of the NCTA.

Localization Tools, Application Experts
A Translator's Tool Box for the 21st Century — A Computer Primer for Translators

Presenter: Jost Zetzsche

Following the structure of his book, A Translator's Tool Box for the 21st Century — A Computer Primer for Translators, Jost focuses his seminars on how to use the computer more efficiently in the day-to-day work of translation and localization. He encourages participants to understand this learning process as a positive, fun-filled and necessary investment for every translator's business.

While also covering some general and basic areas such as choosing and fine-tuning operating systems or office applications, Jost focuses specifically on tools that allow translators to respond to an ever-increasing complexity of file formats and client demands. These tools include a large variety of freeware and shareware programs as well as general computer-assisted translation tools (TRADOS, Déjà Vu, SDLX) and computer tools specifically geared toward the localization industry (CATALYST, help compilers, quality assurance tools).

GALA Vendor Round Tables

GALA Sales & Marketing Round Table (Open to members and non-members of GALA)
Moderator: Aki Ito, VP Sales & Marketing, Prisma International
Renato Beninatto, Partner, Common Sense Advisory
Adrienne Gutmans, General Manager, Transoffice
Yves Lang, ENLASO
Terry Lawlor, Vice President of Marketing, SDL International

If you are a business owner, sales manager, sales representative, or marketing manager on the vendor side, this round table is for you. As a spin off of the last GALA Vendor Round Table, some GALA members developed a special interest group (SIG) focusing on sales and marketing activities in the GILT industry. Our panelists represent large, mid-size and small vendors from North America and Europe. Renato Beninatto from Common Sense Advisory is also a panelist to give us a broader perspective on sales and marketing activities in the industry. You will be able to learn how companies of different sizes deal with issues surrounding sales and marketing. This is a place to share your issues and solve them as a group, too. Come and join us for this exciting and interactive round table and start developing your network with your peers.

GALA Operations Round Table (Open to members and nonmembers of GALA)
MODERATOR: Serge Gladkoff, President, Logrus International
Mike Kidd, Vice President, TRADOS, Inc.
María Gabriela Morales, Founder & Director, Rosario Traducciones y Servicios
Gary Muddyman, Managing Director, Oxford Conversis Ltd.
Michael Rosenblatt, Alliance Director / Enterprise Solution Director, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
Terry Shidner, Associate Director, Business Development, The Symbio Group

Effective operations is what distinguishes you from your competition, adds value for your clients, and constitutes reason for a client to select your company as a vendor. Successful operations also convert your skills and effort to a solid bottom line. During this session panelists will shortlist key elements of modern localization operations and identify major productivity improvement opportunities. Panelists include large and medium-size MLVs, SLVs, as well as tools vendors.

Education in Localization: Internships

Status Quo
Working in localization today requires an extensive skill set from language knowledge to tools know-how and the time and cost-effective handling of business processes. Most skills in the two latter categories are acquired once an individual has a job.

Internships can help prepare students and young professionals to build this skill set, but the organizer of an internship program is usually someone who is enthusiatic about the possibilities. Without this person, there would be no internships.

Round table rationale
In our round table discussion we want to collect best practices on the organizational and financial aspects of internships and collect a list of possible tasks for interns.

Share your experiences with us on dos and don'ts, case studies, ways of contacting universities and companies, wish lists and feedback from your own internship.

Sharing Information
If you cannot attend in person, then let us know by e-mail how you organize internships or what you would like to see on the agenda for this round table.

All participants, either in person or by feedback in an e-mail, will be kept up to date on the results of the round table and future events of this kind.

Business and Localization in Japan:
Interpreting the Business Expectations of the Japanese Market

This workshop will cover a number of key aspects of doing business in Japan and with the Japanese. Workshop facilitator Nicholas Kovac has over ten years of sales and marketing experience dealing with retail, direct and OEM software customers in Japan, including Softbank, Sony, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba and Pixela Corporation. Topics which will be covered in the workshop will include:

Understanding the Japanese technology marketplace

Overview of the sales channel — trading companies, distributors, OEMs, VAR and retail
Who are the end customers?
Who are your customers?

The Japanese company — your target market

How Japanese organizations are structured

Discovering the hidden decisionmaker and building consensus

Developing "Shinrai"

Expectations on vendors from Japanese companies

The customer/supplier relationship

Unwritten expectations from Japanese customers

Communication strategies and conflict resolution

Under the guidance of Nicholas Kovac, workshop attendees will gain a deeper understanding of Japanese business culture and share new and mutual experiences in dealing with the Japanese marketplace. The workshop will be geared to anyone dealing directly with Japan or functioning as an internal resource delivering products or services for the Japanese market. We recommend this seminar to corporate managers, business development planners, international product managers, project managers, vendor managers, QA managers and sales representatives.

The localization professionals who attend will gain an understanding of the universe into which their work will be thrust, a universe in which, for example, a North American set of cultural trust systems such as objective checks and balances are viewed as confrontational and in which performance-based trust can generate discomfort.

Taking Advantage of the US Commercial Service

Where in the world do you start if you want to sell to Spain, China, Mexico or Egypt? Come hear how the US Commercial Service can help your business to develop outside the United States. Helping both product and service companies, you will learn the cost-effective strategies and services designed specifically for SMEs to grow their international business with a minimal investment of capital and time. Discover how to leverage the US Commercial Service’s global network of trade professionals.

Vendor-Sponsored Workshops

There are full-day sessions sponsored by providers of tools and services in our industry. These sessions are free to the public, but you must register to attend.


AuthorIT Localization Manager
Paul Trotter

The AuthorIT Localization Manager has been specifically designed to track and manage translation and localization of source content into any single or double-byte language. It delivers breakthrough technology to improve cost-efficiency, quality and time-to-market. It is tightly integrated and elegantly complements the advantages of AuthorIT's comprehensive single-source authoring, management and publishing technology.
9:00-10:00 AM

SDL International

GKnowledge-based Translation — Delivering on the Promise of MT
Presenter: Terry Lawlor

For many years, the cjoice has been simple: high-quality translations using experienced translators or low-quality translations using machine translation (MT). The commercial reality is that content to be translated is increasingly dynamic, and human translation is often to slow and too expensive. Recognizing that MT on its own is not the answer, SDL has developed Knowledge-based Translation. The combination of translation memory, workflow, adaptive MT and specialized services enables up to five-fold increases in translation throughput compared to human translation.
10:15-11:15 AM

Alchemy Software Development

Globalisation for the Enterprise
Presenter: Tony O'Dowd

High-quality translation of enterprise applications is crucial to the success of multinational companies. Today's highly competitive markets require solutions that lower overall costs, reducing time-to-market and improving quality. How do localization and TM tools complement the specialist skills and intelligence of language translators? How do they help produce cost-effective and high-quality language translation and ensure an high levels of terminology sharing across all aspects of software, documentation and online help translation?

Learn how this can be achieved using the Alchemy TRADOS Component. A product-inconnector designed in collaboration by the two largest technology players : TRADOS Inc. and Alchemy Software Development. See how it enables an unprecedented level of translation reuse spanning the entire localization supply chain, from the translation of software applications, online help, printed documentation and web content.
11:30 AM-12:30 PM


TeamWorks: Collaborate, Automate, Optimize Your Translation Workflow -- Stop the project management nightmare!
Presenters: Simone Jaroniec, Bart Maczynski

TRADOS TeamWorks is a brand new localization process management system for translation companies and translation departments within multinational companies where collaboration, process control and time-to-market are mission-critical.
2:00-3:00 PM


Globalize Your Business With a Content Management Solution
Presenter: William Rogers

The Web has opened up the world for business expansion. A key to having a successful global Web strategy depends on the ability to effectively provide Web applications in multiple languages. A content management solution (CMS) enables organizations to solve this business challenge. A CMS gives users the power to create, manage, and develop Web sites in multiple languages; immediately opening businesses up to expanded global audiences and business opportunities.

Workflow capabilities make it even easier to manage and control the process of translating content on a Web site. With advanced workflow and task management tools built into the CMS, organizations can observe the work of their third-party translation service - assigning priorities and deadlines, tracking progress, and collaborating, all within the CMS.

This session will discuss the benefits of integrating a content management solution into your globalization process.
3:15-4:00 PM

ABLE Innovations, Inc.

WizTom: The Business Case of Exceptions
Chris Langewis

As a globalization integrator—specializing in process consulting, technology integration and language services for the Fortune 2000—ABLE will present a multilingual product delivery solution for hard-to-localize products. For those software, Web applications and Web sites that were not designed to go global or deemed as 'unlocalizable' (i.e. no access to source code, legacy environment, 3rd party products for which no localized version exists, etc.), WizTom’s external approach to adding languages to the UI minimizes the high costs of engineering, localization, testing and support resources, significantly accelerating the global release of products. Come learn how WizTom users like Baxter, Frontrange and Alstom gained instant access to profitable international revenues.
4:15-5:00 PM

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