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Chris Anderson
As editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson is a knowledgeable, insightful and articulate voice at the center of the new economy. In a series of groundbreaking articles and books, he has identified important new trends in the economy and described new business models for seizing the business opportunities they represent. With his bestseller The Long Tail, Chris named the rise of the niche as a powerful new force in our economy — why the future of business is selling small quantities of more things to the few people who want those things; how all of those small communities together make up a vast market potential; and how the efficiencies of digital and web technology make it possible.

Now Chris has published Free: The Past and Future of a Radical Price, originally as an article in Wired and now as a book that has generated incredible interest, buzz and debate. Chris will explain that free is the future of business and how to thrive through freeconomics — what business models look like when free has emerged as a full-fledge economy.

Chris worked at The Economist for seven years in various positions and served as an editor at the two premier science journals, Science and Nature. He has an education background in physics, including research at Los Alamos.

Simon Andriesen
Simon Andriesen is managing director of The Netherlands-based MediLingua, specializing in the localization of medical technology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, clinical trial and other health-related information. He also manages Leesbaarheidstest.nl, which is a company specializing in readability testing of patient information, and is involved in an ongoing project for the Dutch government concerning translation quality and readability of patient information. He coordinates and teaches a series of MediLingua courses on medical and pharmaceutical translation and is involved in training courses for patient information writers. He has been part of the localization community since 1980.

Jason Arnsparger
Jason Arnsparger is the documentation localization supervisor at CaridianBCT, Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Lakewood, Colorado, where he is responsible for managing the localization of product labeling, technical documentation and web content in up to 24 languages. For the past five years, Jason has helped to develop and continuously improve the localization processes and project management methodologies at CaridianBCT, including leading the implementation and administration of the company’s global information management system. Jason has been involved in various aspects of linguistics and culture for the past ten years and has a BA in modern languages with an emphasis in Spanish language and culture.
Andy Atkins-Krüger
Having started his career briefly as a journalist, Andy Atkins-Krüger quickly moved into marketing communications, where he has spent the last 20 years. He worked first in advertising and then founded a public relations consultancy, The Partners Group, before moving into corporate marketing. He first "discovered" search marketing in 1996, when he was charged with developing the European market presence of one of the UK's best-known business-to-business brands, Portakabin. After five years as the client, he bought into the supporting agency — WebCertain — where he became managing director. WebCertain has been operating search-marketing campaigns for over ten years and is one of few agencies that only deal with international campaigns. The company doesn’t deal in purely English country projects.

Shy Avni
Shy Avni is CEO and founder of MULTILINGUAL QA Ltd., a quality assurance (QA) center specializing in localization testing in over 30 languages. MULTILINGUAL QA provides (QA) services for multilingual software, websites, devices and documentation. Shy founded MULTILINGUAL QA in 2006 with the vision of a new paradigm of outsourced services, with linguistic, cosmetic and functional QA all performed by native-speaking QA experts in a centralized testing lab environment. Prior to MULTILINGUAL QA, Shy was one of the founders of Net-Translators Ltd., a leading worldwide provider of localization services. Shy holds an MBA in business management.

Andrea Ballista
Formerly a musician, songwriter and professional singer, Andrea Ballista graduated in computer music presenting his own project of a Musical Instrument Digital Interface/Digital Sound Processing (MIDI/DSP) Sequencer as early as 1990. After cutting his teeth in localization and production while working on CD-i games for Philips, Andrea cofounded Binari Sonori srl in 1994. Since its estabilishment, Binari Sonori has specialized in media localization for the entertainment industry and has built an extensive network of translation resources and recording studios throughout Europe and in major countries all over the world. During these 15 years, Andrea has been localization project leader for a countless number of games, published by reference clients such as Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, THQ and Codemasters.

Jacques Barreau
Jacques Barreau studied music at Marseille’s conservatory in France and, after being awarded a gold medal in Electro-Acoustic Music, was teaching at the University of Aix en Provence. As a researcher at the Music and Computer Science Laboratory of Marseille, which specialized in sound synthesis, he was already working on a new vocabulary for sound, a theory that he would apply a few years later with actors worldwide. At Warner Bros. (WB), as vice president of dubbing and subtitling, Jacques travels all over the world and is responsible for providing language conversion services for WB business units, licensees and external customers. He has worked with a wide variety of actors of all nationalities and continues teaching voice placement techniques to ensure the integrity of WB's animated celebrities. Maintaining a consistency among the many international language voices of these animated icons is one of the most interesting aspects of his job.
Renato Beninatto
Renato Beninatto is the CEO of milengo, Inc., a full-service worldwide provider of localization, engineering and testing services with operations in 18 key markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Renato has forged a reputation for visionary leadership, most recently as the cofounder and former chief connector of Common Sense Advisory, the industry's foremost market research firm. Previously, Renato served as the vice president of sales at both ALPNET and Berlitz, where he drove global growth and profitability. His signature, straight-talking approach has made this Brazilian citizen a sought-after speaker on localization industry trends.

Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino is one of the few academics who has started raising the issues of game localization and the necessity of doing research into the topic in order to improve overall quality and turnover. He is currently lecturing in media translation in London. He has several publications on translation and localization and has formally introduced game localization within translation studies programs at the universities he works for in London. Miguel is a member of the IGDA and cofounder of the Game Localization SIG. He also created the L4G mailing list with a view to bring people together to discuss game localization issues.
Melissa Biggs
Melissa Biggs, senior globalization business manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., has over 12 years of experience in localization management. Melissa has successfully delivered globalization and localization programs driving the growth of globalization at Sun. She led the team who produced and implemented a unique globalization executive mandate defining localization content and globalization requirements for Sun products.

Donna Bletzinger
Donna Bletzinger is president and founder of Dyer Stephenson, a marketing consulting firm that assists clients with market development, new service launches and marketing communications. A Silicon Valley veteran of global corporations and start-up ventures, Donna has held leadership positions at tech giants AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco Systems. At Octel Communications she was a member of the team that pioneered international sales in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. During the start-up frenzy of the 1990s, she helped build three broadband start-ups by securing customer field trials and speaking at national conferences and trade shows. In addition to running Dyer Stephenson, Donna is a marketing volunteer for the California Clean Tech Open and a guest lecturer in marketing at the Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, where she has taught classes in Online PR (“Writing for the Web”) and Setting Product Strategy. Donna graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in French and History. She attended the Universite d’Aix-Marseille, Aix-en Provence, France, on the university’s junior year abroad program. She has an MBA in market management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, and is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School Executive Marketing Management Program.
Kathleen Bostick
Kathleen Bostick is the vice president of global marketing at Lionbridge. With more than 15 years’ experience in the translation/localization services industry, she was vice president of North America for SDL for nine years prior to joining Lionbridge in 2005. Kathleen is responsible for creating world-class global marketing programs for Lionbridge’s global language and translation strategic business unit.

Wayne Bourland
Wayne Bourland, senior manager, Dell Global Localization Team, is a leader with 18 years of experience ranging from leading a small squad in the US Army to managing a global organization spanning three continents and five countries. Wayne is recognized in both the content management and localization industries as an agent for change, driving innovation and process efficiencies across global organizations.

Siko Bouterse
Siko Bouterse manages localization and international community programs at hi5. Some of her current projects include a crowdsourced translation program and the localization of social games. Before that, she worked at Meedan where she was in charge of community partnerships, localization and hybrid distributed translation efforts. Siko has an MA in Arabic studies from the American University in Cairo and a BA from UC-Berkeley.

Henk Boxma
Henk Boxma has over 15 years of software engineering experience, a decade of which has been in the medical device industry at various geographical locations. During his tenure at Medtronic working with various architectures, business units and processes, he consistently encountered the gap between engineering and localization. In response, Henk took the initiative and successfully changed Medtronic’s localization process throughout by leading a cross-functional and cross-geographical team of developers, testers and translators. Significant improvements and cost savings were achieved for all involved disciplines, for which Henk was awarded the prestigious Medtronic CRDM Star of Excellence award. In May of 2008, Henk founded Boxma IT, an innovative company that develops powerful professional solutions in the area of internationalization and localization. Henk holds a BSc and MSc in technical computer sciences from Twente University in The Netherlands.

Danica Brinton
Danica Brinton is a veteran of international product management and localization with an avid interest in the latest technologies. In her current role with Apple, Danica manages international production teams on a number of Apple products, including iPhone/iPod Touch new market expansion and international online marketing. Danica also serves as an international strategy advisor to social game publishers, and she consults several large technology companies on organizing and managing community localization. Previously, Danica led international strategies, internationalization and localization of Second Life. In less than a year, she impacted Linden Lab's significant international growth by revamping the international strategy, leading the product launch in 15 languages, overhauling the company's international web presence, and organizing international community programs, including one of the most diverse and successful community localization programs currently available. Danica also led international expansion, internationalization and localization of the Ask.com search engine, launching the brand and dozens of Ask search products in seven primary markets. Earlier at Apple, Danica managed localization and international launches of the first four generations of iPod, iTunes and iLife application suite into 26 markets. She started in the industry as a technical translator, video-game localizer and cultural researcher. Danica holds an MA from UC-Berkeley in Arabic language.

Steve Brown
Steve Brown is a senior business development executive with extensive experience in global sales management, channel development and customer relations. Most recently, Steve was vice-president of Asia Carrier Relations for Qualcomm where he was responsible for growing business primarily in China, Japan, Korea and India. He was also vice-president of sales for SnapTrack (a subsidiary of Qualcomm) and successfully grew business throughout Asia, Latin America and North America. Prior to Qualcomm, Steve served as vice-president of sales for Corsair Communications where he developed the company's Asia strategy. He also worked in international product management and business development for Octel Communications. Steve received his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Regina Bustamante
Regina Bustamante has managed the development and release of international software for the last 15 years. She is currently the director of globalization at Plaxo, in charge of defining and carrying out the company’s internationalization, localization and international growth strategies. One of her main projects in the last 18 months has been the development and implementation of Plaxo’s community translation model. Before joining Plaxo, Regina worked at webMethods as its first globalization director and later as VP of engineering services — which included globalization, QA, program management, documentation and system services. Regina also created and managed the global products group at SGI, responsible for internationalization and localization across the company. Regina has a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of California at Berkeley, with coursework towards a Ph.D. in formal and computational linguistics.

Michele Carlson
Michele Carlson is the director of global program management for Yahoo! Mail. She joined Yahoo! in 2004 and has held various positions within the company including the director of localization. During her time as director of localization, she managed the central localization engineering, quality assurance and project management teams. Her team served as the center of excellence for localization throughout Yahoo! setting best practices and standards for the company as well as automating the localization process to allow for quick-turn global simultaneous releases. Her team was responsible for delivering hundreds of releases into 40 international markets for Yahoo! Prior to Yahoo! Michele worked in the localization field managing program management and engineering teams at Netscape, AOL, iPlanet, and Global Village Communications. Michele holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA in International Relations from UC Santa Barbara.

Alain Chamsi
Alain Chamsi is the CEO of JiveFusion Technologies Inc., a company that specializes in the development of innovative software products for the translation market. Alain holds a BA in computer engineering and worked in the telecommunications industry for 21 years. He entered the language industry as head of the Ottawa office of Lexi-tech International, Canada’s largest language service provider. He then took the reins at JiveFusion Technologies, combining his language industry and software development experience. In 2005, Alain became a member of the board of directors of AILIA, Canada’s language industry association, and became chairman of the board in 2006. In addition, he has been a member of the board of Languages Canada since 2007. Alain also previously sat on the board of the Language Technologies Research Centre of Canada.

  Jeff Chin
Jeff Chin is a product manager for Google Translate. In this role, he works with Google's machine translation research team to develop new languages and improve quality and with other teams on integrating translation features into their products (for example, cross-language search, Gmail and toolbar translation features and so on). Jeff has an MBA from the Haas School at the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Stephan Cocron
Stephan Cocron is the global content manager at VeriSign and works within the user experience and design team. In this role he is in charge of streamlining and managing localization processes to ensure the best possible online experience for VeriSign’s international customers. Stephan has over 15 years of experience in translation, language teaching and process improvement. Before joining VeriSign, he designed and managed localization processes at Cakewalk Music Software and at Google. Stephan holds a BA in German Language and English Writing with a Certificate in Professional Translation from the University of Pittsburgh; a graduate diploma in French language and translation from the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée at the Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon, France; and an MA in computers in education from King’s College, University of London.

Derek Coffey
Derek Coffey, IT director at Welocalize, has over 20 years’ experience delivering technology services in a variety of industries, with the last 10 years spent in the localization industry. As the vice president of technology at Transware, Derek played a key role in the acquisition of the GlobalSight Corporation and their Ambassador TMS in 2005, and has spent the last 4 years managing the development and strategic deployment of the Ambassador TMS. Following the acquisition of Transware by Welocalize in 2008, Derek has worked with the expanded GlobalSight team at Welocalize to open source the Ambassador product, rebranding it as GlobalSight TMS. He also serves as a GlobalSight advocate, helping industry participants understand how to make best use of the technology. Derek holds an Honors Degree in business and information technology from Trinity College Dublin.
Heather Cunningham
Heather Cunningham has been working in the area of localization with Philips for seven years. Her background is unlike most professionals in the localization industry. Heather does not have translation or technical writing experience, but she does have experience working in small companies, figuring out how to get done whatever is necessary for the business to succeed. Heather came into this business without preconceived notions of how things should be done. It is her unique perspective that she believes has allowed her to excel and make a difference in how the company operates. Heather has a certificate in localization project management through Chico University.

Stephanie O'Malley Deming
Stephanie O’Malley Deming is a software development producer with over 15 years’ experience in worldwide, award-winning educational and entertainment products for companies including Activision, Electronic Arts and 2K Games. She specializes in localization and has successfully sim-shipped multiplatform, multilanguage versions of high profile titles including the Call to Power series, the Guitar Hero series, Rock Band, NBA 2K8 and numerous Tony Hawk titles. With her partner, Stephanie founded XLOC, Inc., a company that offers web-based applications for easy localization management and works as a consultant for interactive game companies.

Donald A. DePalma
Don A. DePalma has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of technology, language services, and market research. He cofounded Interbase Software, served as vice president of corporate strategy at translation technology supplier Idiom Technologies and worked as a principal analyst at Forrester Research from 1994 through 1998. As one of the company’s original founders, Don continues to lead Common Sense Advisory’s research into the best practices, technology and professional services that support business globalization. He lectures, writes and is frequently quoted on the topics of online marketing, content management, multicultural marketing, localization, return on investment and website globalization. Don holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from Brown University with specializations in generative grammar, computational linguistics and the historical phonology of Slavic languages. He has also studied at universities in Russia and Costa Rica. Don has studied Czech and Russian and has recently traveled to Egypt, Germany and Japan.

Loïc Dufresne de Virel
Loïc Dufresne de Virel is currently a localization strategist within Intel in-house localization team. In this role, his main activities include promoting the use of a recently deployed translation management system across Intel business units and constantly advocating for proper and improved internationalization and localization practices and processes for web, software and "print" collateral. Prior to moving to Oregon and joining Intel, where he has been involved in localization for the past ten years, Loïc spent a few years in Costa Rica, working as a regional technical adviser for the UNCTAD.

Andrea Edmundson
Global Learning Strategist Andrea Edmundson founded eWorldLearning, Inc., a consulting firm that helps global companies create culturally appropriate training for their offshore workforces, resulting in faster time to productivity while reinforcing culturally fragile business relationships. Before having courses translated and localized, Andrea analyzes and adapts them to the learning styles and preferences of the targeted learners. She is a pioneer in the research on the impact of culture on e-learning. She published the book Globalized E-Learning Cultural Challenges (2007) and has a forthcoming book Cases on Globalized and Culturally Appropriate E-Learning: Challenges and Solutions (2010). Andrea is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) and a specialist in global training and e-learning. Having worked in 30-plus countries, she is uniquely equipped to address the different perspectives engendered by cultural differences. Andrea also served three years as the president of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and currently teaches graduate courses in distance learning for several online universities. She founded the Globalized eLearning Community [GEC], a virtual association for professionals whose work encompasses culture, learning and technology.

Magdalena Enea
Magdalena Enea is VP of business development and cofounder of HighTech Passport, an internationalization and localization provider in Silicon Valley since 1992, specializing in internationalization, localization and multilingual testing services for the web, IT, medical and scientific areas in over 60 languages. Her studies of both European and Asian languages, as well as her hands-on experience in the various language fields in both Eastern and Western European countries, have helped her develop a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to localization and internationalization. She has been involved in localization since 1987 and continues to be a key contributor to the design and implementation of HighTech Passport's growth strategy, whose quest is to adapt its processes to the particularities of its customers and of their products.

Frank Erven
Frank Erven graduated from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) as a translator and studied at the University of Hildesheim (Germany). He has been working as a freelance translator and technical writer since 1995. In 2003, Frank joined Voith Turbo, where he manages a language resource environment, consisting of the Across Language Server and a number of connected systems. Since the beginning of 2006, Frank also has worked as a freelance trainer and consultant. He conducts user training sessions and webinars and provides consultancy services with respect to system integration and organization of translation-relevant processes.

Carol Farnsworth
Carol Farnsworth, Keynote Systems, senior director customer experience, has been conducting user research for more than ten years. Recently, her research has focused on quantitative/qualitative usability research on web- sites. Carol is widely recognized as an expert in her field and recently contributed a chapter entitled “Aikot Corporation: A Case Study in Qualitative/Quantitative Remote Evaluation,” to the book, User-Centered Design Stories, as well as articles in other publications. Prior to joining Keynote, Carol taught usability methods and testing courses at Stanford University and served as a faculty member in the university’s information/web technology department. She holds professional affiliations with the Usability Professionals Association, Bay CHI, and AeA. Carol has a BA in sociology and psychology from Denver University and an MA in education from Catholic University in Washington D.C.

David Filip
David Filip oversees the specification, modeling and acceptance criteria of key internal change projects for Moravia’s Operations Internal Project Management Office at the company’s headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. His focus is on project management methodologies in high-tech collaborative environments. Before joining Moravia, David held research scholarships at universities in Vienna, Hamburg and Geneva. He graduated in 2004 from Brno University with a Ph.D. in analytic philosophy. David also holds masters degrees in theory of arts and German philology. His academic theses dealt with the practical application of analytic methodologies, formal semantics and translatability.

  Michael Galvez
Michael Galvez is a product manager on the internationalization and localization team. In this role, he focuses on localization infrastructure and Google Translator Toolkit. Prior to joining Google, Michael worked in sales and engineering at various artificial intelligence startups. Michael has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth and a bachelor's degree in physics and computer science from Rutgers College, where he graduated with highest honors.

Jeremy Geiger
Jeremy Geiger has started up and managed 15 country subsidiaries in the software industry in Asia-Pacific in the last 15 years. During that time, he and his teams have acquired business-to-business customers such as Toyota, Sony-Ericsson, Suzuki, Toshiba, Mazda, Sharp, Samsung, Daewoo, LG, Hyundai, Shanghai GM, ChengDu Aircraft, FAW Volkswagen, Rowe, Chartered Semiconductor, Unilever India, RedBull Thailand and so on. Jeremy now works with RTM Asia helping technology companies acquire and accelerate their growth in Asia-Pacific through arranging distribution and strategic investment from local Asian investors. RTM Asia works in various industries such as consumer electronics, internet, hardware, consumer and business software, and storage and networking.

Leonid Glazychev
Leonid Glazychev graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), specializing in theoretical physics (plasma) and computer simulation and started his career as an engineer at the Moscow Radio-Engineering Institute. Leonid received a Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics in 1988 and by 1990 became a senior research associate. After the demise of the Soviet Union and during the early stages of Russian economic reforms, Leonid acquired an invaluable life experience moonlighting as a school teacher, dubbing videos, setting up computer software, and working as a freelance translator and interpreter. Leonid joined one of the first software localization projects for the Russian language in 1991. In 1993 Leonid cofounded Logrus, the first professional translation and software localization company in Russia, and has served as the company’s CEO since then. During these 15 years, Logrus has grown from a small single language vendor with three employees into a company with multiple offices and 120+ permanent employees offering the whole spectrum of translation, localization, software engineering, testing, DTP, multimedia and other services for multiple languages.

Daniel Goldschmidt
Daniel Goldschmidt is a principle consultant and cofounder of Localization Flow Technologies. As a senior software engineer and professional in the globalization of software and content field, he has extensive experience in the internationalization and localization of large-scale enterprise applications and projects. Through his association with Localization Flow Technologies, Daniel provides his client base with internationalization and localization expertise: automation, process improvement, training and workshops. He has previously served as a senior software engineer in the Google Internationalization Team, working on the Google Localization Framework, and he was recently invited by the European Commission to serve as an independent expert in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program. Daniel holds a B.Sc. in computer sciences and mathematics (cum laude) and an M.Sc. in computer sciences, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Knut Grossmann
For the last 18 years, Knut Grossmann was involved in practically every aspect of software localization: audio, video, documentation, animation, art, and software text assets. He started off as a freelance translator, moved then to Central Point Software as a project manager, and then from there as a localization manager to NeXT Computer. At NeXT, he was tasked to build the localization and international support group. At Maxis he started as the localization manager and was put in charge to define the processes and help design the tools for all aspects of their game localization, including documentation, web sites, and recordings. Knut was promoted to localization director shortly after Maxis was bought by Electronic Arts. At that time, he was able to introduce content localization and applied it to titles like Sim City and the bestselling video game of all times, The Sims. Recently, he worked for 2 1/2 years at Sony Online Entertainment as the head of the International Group, first as a Director and then Executive Director. Staying true to his roots, he has now formed his own company, Games without Borders, with the goal to support small and medium size game developer studios in any aspect of globalization, either with consultation, localization services, and/or resources.

Martin Güttinger
Martin Güttinger has been manager of translation and localization for Cisco Systems' Voice Technology Group for the past eight years. Prior to that, he was globalization manager for Active Voice Corporation. In his current role, Martin is the technical leader of Cisco’s Voice Technology Localization Group, responsible for the internationalization and localization of all of Cisco's Enterprise Voice and Unified Communication applications. He holds a bachelor's degree in modern languages from the Zurich Translator and Interpreter School and a master's degree in business administration in information technology from Jones International University in Centennial, Colorado. Martin has 18 years of experience in the localization industry, both on the vendor and manufacturer sides and in technical and managerial roles.

Ghassan Haddad
Ghassan Haddad is the director of internationalization at Facebook, where he focuses on defining and implementing the company's translation strategy, including its crowdsourcing model. Before joining Facebook, he was director of software engineering and localization at PayPal where he was responsible for enabling PayPal as a payment solution in almost 200 countries, 30+ currencies and 20 languages. He has over 20 years of experience in language research and technology, management, and software development and has held several middle and upper management positions at Intergraph, Berlitz, eTranslate, PayPal and Facebook. Ghassan has a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Ulrich Henes
Ulrich Henes is the president of The Localization Institute which he founded in the fall of 1996 because he saw a serious lack of quality training and learning opportunities in this important area. He has been involved with localization, first as an international sales and marketing manager (also serving as a localization manager) for a US software company and then as president of the American office of a British localization agency. He is a co-organizer of the Localization World conferences.

Brigitte Herrmann
Brigitte has more than 20 years of experience as a usability/globalization manager with Siemens. After completing her Ph.D. in neurophysiology and human genetics, she worked from 1989 to 1999 at Siemens Corporate Department (Usability Interface Design Center). In 1999 she joined what is now the Siemens Healthcare Sector in the unit Software IT, Image and Knowledge Management. In her first position as head of the Siemens central physiology lab, she was involved in professional usability and requirement engineering for all Siemens product lines — from hearing aids to power plants, from hardware to software — establishing usability tests on an international scale, from the German market to international markets such as Asia or India. She also worked on internal style guides, e.g., common human interface, localization handbook, look & feel handbook and terminology process guideline. Moving on to Siemens Healthcare, one of the real tough quests in her career was the development of true multicultural user interface solutions. Her globalization project, the syngo MultiModality radiology software, was sold in 110 countries, localized in six standard software languages and 25 languages for operator manuals — with software/language updates for 80 application modules, 2-4 times a year. Brigitte's current responsibilities are focused on process improvement/consultancy of Siemens Healthcare's software development process. She is also lead auditor and/or expert during audits of Siemens Healthcare localization vendors.

Andres Heuberger
Andres Heuberger is president and founder of ForeignExchange Translations, which provides multilingual compliance solutions to the device and diagnostics industries. In the translation industry since 1991, Andres manages ForeignExchange’s major accounts, implements production systems and technology strategy, and oversees the company’s ISO 900x certification efforts. He regularly writes for European Medical Device Manufacturer, IVD Technology, MX and Software Business.

Lou Hoffman
Lou Hoffman launched The Hoffman Agency in December 1987 after six years in journalism and public relations. Since that time, he has transformed the Agency from a Silicon Valley company into a global player. Today, he counsels clients in areas ranging from global branding to the “art of storytelling.” Toward this end, he blogs on the topic of "storytelling through a business prism" at www.IshmaelsCorner.com. Lou has addressed audiences throughout the world, penned columns for publications ranging from Technology Marketing to VentureBeat and been featured in the business media, including The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Valerie Hufbauer
Valerie Hufbauer heads the Multilingual Web Team of the World Bank’s external website that manages web outreach and communications in 59 languages. She has developed, launched and managed over 25 corporate websites and has helped increase the number of unique visitors by up to 400%. Before joining World Bank, Valerie developed websites for a wide range of industries, such as real estate, trading and finance, and international affairs, as well as retail. She also developed the first-ever community web portal for French expatriate families. Valerie has MAs in public affairs and communications from the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences-Po), France, and in contemporary history from the Université de Bordeaux, France.

Christopher Hughey
Christopher Hughey is an enterprise program manager at Welocalize where he began as a senior project manager in 2007. The main focus of his work is marketing and market research localization, and he also has UI/UA, e-learning and web projects in his portfolio. Prior to joining Welocalize, Christopher had several years of experience on both the client and vendor sides of localization after transitioning from a career in supply chain management. Now based in Boston, Christopher has worked and lived in several countries over the years. He holds a Cand. Mag. (BA) degree in Spanish, French and Scandinavian studies from Universitetet i Bergen (Norway).
Ulrike Irmler
Ulrike Irmler has been involved in localization in different roles since 1997. Since 2008 she has been managing the Windows Localization organization. Her staff works in Redmond, Washington and 11 locations throughout the world. Her team is responsible for the localization of Windows Client and Server, all Windows family products and the international Windows Online localization, site management and publishing. Ulrike has taught localization-related courses at BCC and the University of Washington (UW) for many years. She is affiliate faculty in the Department for Human-Centered Design and Engineering at the UW.
Aki Ito
Since 1996, Aki Ito, director of international operations at TOIN Corporation, has been involved in many different aspects of the localization industry such as sales management, operations management, project management, Japanese language management, and consulting and translation memory tool management at different companies, including Prisma International, Lionbridge Technologies and DDS Global Media. He has served as the chairman of the board for the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). Prior to the localization industry, he was an account executive at Dell Computer in the United States and Japan, selling personal computers and networking solutions to multinational companies for their worldwide implementations. Aki has an MBA in international marketing and a BA in international relations . 

Thierry Jambage
Belgian, born in Belgian Congo. Thierry studied economics at the Brussels ULB University. He immigrated to the US in 1995. Thierry was VP of Sales and Marketing at the Bureau of Translation Services (BTS), where he met Jean-Luc Saillard. They both left BTS to start STAR-USA, which was the first US-based office of STAR AG, one of the world's major translation and translation software development companies. Jean-Luc and Thierry left STAR-USA in 2001 to set up the worldwide operations of Xplanation Language Services, a Belgium-based translation company. In 2002, they created their own company in the US: Connective Language Services. Thierry is the President of Connective, nowadays a multi-million dollars company with offices in the US and in Europe .

  Elizabeth Judd-Cummings
Elizabeth Judd-Cummings, a global packaging and labeling — customer advocate with Lifescan, Inc., is responsible for internal SOP processes and with driving improvements in Lifescan’s in-country review processes. Elizabeth has worked for Lifescan US and Lifescan CH for 12 years in such areas as customer service and distribution; global planning and procurement; global packaging and labeling-supplier.

  Philippe Juton
Born and raised in France, Philippe Juton started his career in game localization at Disney Interactive in Los Angeles, California, in 1996. Twelve years teaching in France, four years spent managing localization at several providers, and 1 year as localization manager at Autodesk prepared him well to the 10+ years spent managing localization of the Disney video games. He moved to THQ in 2007 where he had the opportunity to consolidate the localization department and refine the localization process. Always up for new challenges, Philippe is looking forward to taking his amazing team on the online game localization adventure.

David Kim
David Kim, a localization producer at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) he started his career briefly as a software engineer but transitioned into the game industry to work on EverQuest Korea for SOE. Since then, he has been responsible for localizing and launching EverQuest II, Legends of Norrath, and Pirates of the Burning Sea in several languages. David is now working on DC Universe Online. David has a BS in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

James J. Kim
James J. Kim started his computer-related career as a developer designing and implementing architectural/mechanical applications and then continued onto the localization and internationalization industry working on CAD, database and web applications. He joined Intel in 2005 as a localization project manager and is now managing localization project managers, quality assurance lead, and translation leads in Oregon and California.

James C. Kinnamon
James C. Kinnamon has been involved with e-learning product development for over 20 years, 18 of which have been at SAI Global and its predecessor Midi. As vice president of product development, he currently overseas a staff of 19 professionals in four departments: instructional design, art, media, and development (programmers). As an industry expert, James is a frequent speaker on topics relating to the practical application of instructional design and learning theory to online training, emphasizing SAI Global's approach to courseware that employs scenario-based and story-based tutorials using streaming media. James earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in educational psychology. He also holds a B.A. degree in psychology from Salisbury University, an M.A. in psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an M.A. in computing in education, also from Columbia .

Eva Klaudinyova
Eva Klaudinyova, localization manager in the globalization program at VMware, Inc., is responsible for managing localization in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Apart from managing international localization and teams in these three major geographies, she is also responsible for linguistic quality, terminology and localization processes. She has been working in the localization industry since 2000 when she started her localization career as a translator and interpreter and then transitioned to project management. She holds a Master's degree in foreign language teaching from Slovakia, as well as a Master's degree in translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. She is a cofounder of the Northern California Women in Localization (NCWL) group.

Richard Korn
Richard Korn, the senior manager of localization and packaging development at St. Jude Medical in Sylmar, California, oversees the two teams who offer software localization, testing and labeling services to the company’s Cardiac Rhythm Management Division. Richard also serves on the advisory board for the medical device localization round table at Localization World. He started his career in localization at Berlitz Translation Services in 1995 and managed the localization services for an interactive multimedia company before joining St. Jude Medical in 1999. Richard holds a BA in psychology and French from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an MA degree in international relations and cross-cultural communication from American University in Washington, D.C.
Mary Laplante
Mary Laplante has 23 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting. As vice president at The Gilbane Group, she oversees Gilbane’s consulting practice, manages research projects, contributes editorial content, and participates in Gilbane conferences and other industry events. As senior analyst, she is active in Gilbane’s globalization, XML, and software-as-a-service coverage.

Dave Luhr
Dave Luhr started his career in advertising in 1977, spending three years at DFS (now Saatchi) working on Toyota, then another six years at Chiat\Day, where he served as account supervisor on Porsche, Nike and Yamaha. When the bulk of Nike’s business moved back to Wieden+Kennedy in 1986, Dave was tasked with handing the business over. Dan Wieden and David Kennedy were so impressed by how he handled the situation, they offered him a job on the spot. After leading the Nike business to some of its most famous and inspirational work, Dave became managing director of the Portland office in 1992, and a partner shortly thereafter. During his 20-plus years with Wieden+Kennedy, Dave has touched nearly every piece of agency business, from Nike to Microsoft to Miller Brewing to Coca-Cola. But his deepest impact has been felt in his current capacity as chief operating officer, where he has helped expand the company from just one office to the largest independent network in the world. Whereas most agencies are hierarchical, Dave envisioned a flat organization with each office having the autonomy to attract clients and manage its own bottom line. The result is a consistent agency culture and commitment to great work, which in turn has created a mutual respect that allows for easy collaboration and sharing across the network. Moving forward, Dave is eager to expand upon the services the agency can offer and continue to create groundbreaking work that increases our clients’ brand equity while growing their business. In addition to his global COO responsibilities, Dave also heads up new business activities for the Portland office. On the rare occasion he is able to tear himself away from the office, he can be found skiing with his family in Sun Valley.

Richard Maher
Richard Maher is managing partner for sales, marketing and technology at Avantix. In this role he is responsible for worldwide sales activities and leading strategy for Avantix’s Global Delivery Platform, which includes Client Portals and the Horizon QA Platform. Prior to Avantix, Richard held senior sales, development and operations roles at Lionbridge Technologies in Europe and the United States. While at Lionbridge, Richard led the initial development of the LionTrack workflow automation system and ForeignDesk translation applications. Richard received a BS (Honours) in applied computing from Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland.

Teresa Marshall
Teresa Marshall recently joined Salesforce.com as senior manager of localization, responsible for all app-related localization efforts. Teresa gained her localization experience by working in a number of Silicon Valley companies, including Google and PGP Corporation. While at Google, she served as acting manager of localization and global content and later led the localization operations team, focused on process and tools design, vendor and language quality management. Teresa holds a Master’s degree in translation and interpretation and a certificate in translation teaching from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a Bachelor’s in technical translation from the Fremdspracheninstitut Munich.

Sonia Monahan
Sonia Monahan is executive vice president of quality systems for ForeignExchange Translations. Sonia oversees the management of ForeignExchange’s ISO 9001 and BS EN 15038 certified quality systems. In addition, she developed and manages the companiy’s proprietary METRiQ linguistic measurement system and associated toolset. Sonia is an industry veteran of 15 years, with an extensive background in the medical localization sector as well as a Six Sigma black belt.

Bryan Montpetit
Bryan Montpetit has worn a multitude of hats and has developed countless skills during his 10+ years of development and management experience with leading language service and technology providers. As a catalyst, Bryan enjoys thinking strategically about language technology. His experience in technology consulting, working with technology providers, and holding executive management roles with language service providers has given him the objectivity and knowledge needed for identifying the particular business needs of an organization — and addressing those needs through the use of technology and specific tools. Currently, Bryan owns and operates a strategic e-marketing firm, LinguaCounsel, located just outside Montreal, Quebec.

Joaquín Moreno
Joaquín Moreno has managed localization at XING, Europe’s largest professional network, since 2007.  XING was the first social network to release new content in 16 languages on a weekly basis and was included in 2008 among the top 20 websites in localization on the Web Localization Report Card. Prior to that, he successfully localized social radio into nine languages for www.last.fm. Joaquín was sensitized in linguistic and cultural plurality from an early age, growing up in such diverse linguistic countries as Switzerland, Morocco, Germany and Spain, where he learned that linguistic differences aside, it's about getting the message across.

Gary Muddyman
Gary Muddyman is managing director and CEO of Conversis. He founded Conversis with the idea of advancing the understanding and use of localization and translation as a strategic business tool. Prior to founding Conversis, Gary served as director of operations for K International Plc. He received his MA degree in business administration from Warwick University.

Daniel Nackovski
Daniel Nackovski is president of Across Systems, Inc., software vendor of the world’s leading independent language technology. Based in Glendale, California, Daniel manages the development and strategic deployment of Across language technology for the American market. He also advises global key accounts including enterprises as well as language service providers on optimizing their translation workflows and making the best use of language technology to achieve their global objectives. A Swedish national, Daniel joined Across Systems in 2006 and drove growth and profitability with his visionary leadership. Daniel studied international business and holds an MA in strategic management from the University of Lund in Sweden.

Minette Norman
Minette Norman is the senior business manager in the localization services department at Autodesk, located in San Rafael, California. Minette started working in Autodesk’s localization team in 2005. Her prior experience included 16 years in the technical communications field at Adobe, Electronics for Imaging, Xaos Tools, Symantec, and Autodesk. Before ever imagining a career in technical communications or localization, Minette taught French and worked for the French Trade Commission.

Michael Oettli
Michael Oettli is the managing director of sales and marketing at OmniLingua Worldwide LLC, a global language service provider specialized in the health care industry, combining language matter expertise with customized processes and innovative technology solutions. Michael has over ten years’ experience in the translation industry, starting as a freelance translator, working as an operations manager and now for more than four years leading sales, marketing and client services.
Iris Orriss
Iris Orriss is director of the business platform division international team at Microsoft. Her team’s charter comprises international product planning, globalization and localization of products such as SQL Server, Storage Server, BizTalk and ADO.NET. Iris has 10+ years of localization-related engineering and managerial experience at different companies from start-up to Fortune 500. She is passionate about designing software development and content authoring processes which integrate internationalization from the start, deliver quality and simultaneous time-to-market through embracing agile methodologies.

Véronique Özkaya
As chief sales officer at Moravia Worldwide, Véronique Özkaya is responsible for developing and executing the company’s global sales and account management strategies. She manages Moravia's global business services development centers, which are located in Europe, across the United States and in Asia. Based in the company's headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic, Véronique has been with Moravia since 2007. She has held senior roles at Lionbridge Technologies, Stream International and Donnelley Language Solutions. She holds double master's degrees in international politics and administration from the University of Grenoble as well as a diploma in public relations from the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. She is fluent in English, French and Turkish and functional in German

Donna Parrish
Donna Parrish is co-organizer of the Localization World conferences and publisher of the magazine
MultiLingual. Prior to her work at MultiLingual Computing, Inc., she was a computer programmer for 25 years. Donna holds a degree in mathematics from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.

Jennifer Perkins
Jennifer Perkins is the packaging-labeling manager at Boston Scientific in Marlborough, Massachusetts, responsible for managing the label development and localization activities for the endosurgery division. Jennifer has worked in the labeling and localization field for over 18 years as a technical writer, localization project manager, and manager of technical communications and medical device labeling departments. She holds a BA in English literature from the State University of New York at Plattsburg and an MBA from William Woods University

Robert (Butch) Pfremmer
Butch Pfremmer has been involved in the internationalization and localization process for 15 years. He was responsible for localization tools at IBM and was chief architect for IBM’s Translation Workbench prior to joining Welocalize. Currently, Butch works with Welocalize clients on global e-learning issues and localization of learning technologies. Butch speaks frequently at industry conferences on global e-learning issues and the localization process. Butch is pursuing his Ms.EdTech at Bemidji State University and has completed graduate studies in human computer interface (HCI) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Butch holds a BS in computer science and BSBA in accounting from UND.

Nico Posner
Nico Posner is principal international product manager, for LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Nico focuses on growing LinkedIn's international presence through building flexible features and superior user experiences that meet the different needs, goals and expectations of professionals worldwide, including multiple language support. Prior to LinkedIn, Nico spent many years at eBay building products and leading product and marketing teams in international, search, selling and new business. Nico holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and speaks English, German and Spanish.

Gary Prioste
Gary Prioste brings over 20 years of experience in the delivery and support of complex IT solutions, with significant senior level experience in business management, strategic development and operations.  Mr. Prioste recently served as CEO and President of Localize Technologies, which merged with Welocalize in August of 2007.  Prior to his position at Localize Technologies, Mr. Prioste was founder and CEO of an IT Consulting Group named Servinet Consulting in San Francisco, which he grew to over $25M in revenue.  Mr. Prioste is a graduate of CSUH and the Executive Program at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business.

Octavio Ramos
As a full-time localization quality assurance (QA) lead/localization engineer with Intel since 2005 and after working on and off as a Spanish/Japanese QA engineer, Octavio Ramos has an uncanny ability to find and often resolve the most unusual localization bugs
Benjamin B. Sargent
Ben B. Sargent has worked in the language services industry since 1989, serving in operations, consulting and marketing roles at companies such as Lionbridge, iXL, Bowne Global Solutions and International Communications. He also helped to found and manage several venture-funded high-tech start-ups. In his work at Common Sense Advisory, Ben’s primary focus areas are website globalization, translation management systems and content management technologies. He also consults for Global 1000 brands and global technology vendors. Ben has written articles and white papers on multilingual publishing and been a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He has lived in France and has recently traveled to China, Canada and Western Europe. Ben has formally studied French and earned a degree in Music Theory and Composition in 1983.

René Savelsbergh
René Savelsbergh recently joined Welocalize as business development director. Previously, he was European sales director at TOIN Corporation. René was instrumental in establishing the international localization division at TOIN and growing the company from a single language vendor to a regional multi-Asian language vendor. He has experience in managing large international marketing and software productions and understands the potential complexities of Asian localization processes and projects. René holds a BA degree in hospitality management from the HHS Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Reinhard Schäler
Reinhard Schäler has been involved in the localization industry in a variety of roles since 1987. He is the founder and editor of Localisation Focus — The International Journal of Localisation, a founding editor of the Journal of Specialised Translation, a former member of the editorial board of MultiLingual (October 1997 to January 2007, covering 70 issues), a founder and CEO of The Institute of Localisation Professionals, a member of the OASIS Technical Committee on the XML-based Localisation Interchange File Format and the OASIS Technical Committee on Translation Web Services. He joined the International Unicode Conference Committee in 2005 and 2006 coordinating a localization stream for the Unicode Conferences. In 2005, Reinhard together with Pat Hall launched the Global Initiative for Local Computing. He is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick (UL) and the founder and director of the Localisation Research Centre at UL, established in 1995 as the information, educational, and research center for the localization community.

Clio Schils
Clio Schils joined Lionbridge in July 2007 as the operations manager for the Lionbridge main office in Wuppertal, Germany. In January 2009, Clio — within Lionbridge — shifted from operations to sales to become the account director of life sciences, working out of the Lionbridge Amsterdam office. In this capacity, Clio is in charge of developing, maintaining and further intensifying the current partnerships of Lionbridge with its life sciences customers. Prior to Lionbridge, Clio worked for Medtronic in The Netherlands for almost nine years, where she was responsible for the localization quality of medical, technical and marketing documentation. In parallel, Clio is involved in Localization World as the coordinator and moderator of the life sciences round table sessions, an initiative of The Localization Institute, Inc. Starting as a translator after her studies in Brussels, Clio gained 20 years of experience in localization project and linguistic management. Prior to her management positions at Medtronic and Lionbridge, she worked as a Greek translator for the Integrated Mediterranean Programs of the European Union in Athens and spent four years in California, working as a freelance translation project manager. Clio holds an MA in interpretation and is fluent in Greek, Dutch, German, English, functional in French.

Anna Navarro Schlegel
Anna Navarro Schlegel, a native of Catalunya, has been in the localization arena since the early days of localization at Cisco. Anna is currently chairwoman of localization at NetApp and has had tons of fun managing globalization teams at Xerox, VeriSign, Acclaro, VMware and Cisco. Her teams at NetApp manage all international interactive marketing programs (campaigns, websites and social media) as well the localization management office supporting all disciplines from engineering to human resource. Anna is cofounder of Northern California Women in Localization, a nonprofit association geared to mentor women in the localization profession.

Aaron Schliem
After completing degrees in international relations and molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin, Aaron Schliem set off for Chile, where he began his first language company with a focus on writing and editing scientific journal submissions for Chilean scientists and on developing unconventional language learning plans for motivated professionals. Upon his return to the United States, all roads led to Seattle where Aaron joined two linguists and a software developer to launch Glyph Language Services in 2001. As CEO, Aaron drives Glyph’s strategic vision that is oriented toward mobile application localization, games and multimedia localization, and specialized terminology consulting and data development (MT-oriented dictionaries plus metadata).

Bret Sewell
Bret Sewell was president and CEO of Venturi Wireless, a wireless optimization systems company, president and CEO of Kiwi Networks, an early stage wireless broadband systems company, and president of SnapTrack. SnapTrack created the high precision wireless location based services industry. Bret pioneered SnapTrack's partnerships with DoCoMo, KDDI, Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Bell Mobility, SK Telecom, KT Freetel, China Unicom and other carriers, as well as wireless equipment manufacturers Motorola, Texas Instruments, Samsung, LG, NEC and Alcatel, resulting in worldwide deployment of over 500 million SnapTrack enabled wireless devices and supporting infrastructure. SnapTrack was acquired by Qualcomm for $1 billion. Prior to SnapTrack, Bret founded and served as managing director for the Asia-Pacific divisions of Aspect Telecommunications and Octel Communications. During his tenure at Octel, Bret served as president of Octel's Japanese subsidiary, which developed the company’s largest carrier customer worldwide, J-Phone (now SoftBank). Bret holds a BA from Harvard University, an MBA from The Wharton School, and an MA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a graduate fellow of the Lauder Institute of International Management at the University of Pennsylvania and has completed the executive program in strategy and organization at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.
Paula Shannon
Paula (Barbary) Shannon, serves as the CSO and co-general manager of Lionbridge’s $300M Global Localization and Translation division. She drives new services and sustainable solutions, develops strategic accounts, and ensures the continued delivery of innovation and execution excellence to a broad range of Global 1000 customers. Paula joined Lionbridge in 1999 as vice president of Internet Alliances and assumed additional responsibilities in 2001. Prior to joining Lionbridge, Paula was the chief marketing and sales officer for ALPNET, Inc., now SDL. She has more than 23 years of experience in the industry, including ten years in senior roles with Berlitz International in California, Washington, D.C., and Canada, where she drove global accounts and managed a North American sales team. Paula is fluent in English, French and Dutch, and functional in German, Spanish, and Russian. Educated in the United States and Belgium, she holds a BA in Russian and German with a minor in linguistics from McGill University, Montréal, Canada. In 2004, Paula won the coveted International Stevie Award as “Best Sales Executive.” The IBA's are the first global, all-encompassing business awards program honoring great performances in the workplace. Almost 500 nominations from companies and individuals in more than 30 countries were submitted for consideration. Paula was recognized for her outstanding leadership and sales achievements in 2003 and her continued commitment to innovation, integrity and excellence. In 2006, she was honored with a Women in Business award as “Best Canadian Executive.”  In 2008, Paula was named to the "Women in the Lead — Femmes de Tête,” a Canadian national directory (www.womeninthelead.ca), of more than 600 women whose professional expertise and experience recommend them as candidates for corporate board appointment.
Richard Sikes
Richard Sikes has been immersed in localization since 1989 and has held senior management positions at industry-leading software publishers. Through his consulting company, Localization Flow Technologies, Richard now works as a freelance globalization management consultant and trainer. As well as his ongoing association with The Localization Institute, Richard is a Certified PASSOLO Trainer and an evangelist for a number of leading localization industry technology providers.

Nitish Singh
Nitish Singh is assistant professor of international business at the Boeing Institute of International Business at St. Louis University and is also the program leader for the Executive Certificate in Web Globalization. Prior to St. Louis University, he was a professor at California State University-Chico and headed the localization certification program. His educational efforts in the field of localization have been supported by US Department of Education, CSU, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft and other organizations. Nitish is also the co-author of the critically acclaimed book The Culturally Customized Web Site: Customizing Web Sites for the Global Marketplace, which is highly recommended by ChoiceReviews Online. In 2009 he co-authored another book, Proliferation on Internet Economy. He has published and presented his research in top journals and international conferences. He holds Ph.D. in marketing and international business from St. Louis University and an MBA and MA from Universities in India and the United Kingdom.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith is the head of the localization team at iStockphoto LP’s world headquarters in Calgary, Canada. Trained as a linguistic anthropologist, his professional background includes several field studies and projects in minority language community and business development. Prior to localizing, he occupied his time as a program coordinator for the Canadian Unity Council and as a consultant for immigrant service providers.

Michael Smolens
For over 30 years, Michael Smolens set up garment manufacturing facilities in Haiti, Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and Azerbaijan, creating in excess of 20,000 jobs and directly supporting the livelihood of more than 100,000 people. He founded dotSUB in early 2004.

Willem Stoeller

Willem Stoeller, the founder of International Consulting LLC and director of account management at Lingotek is a well-known figure in the localization industry:

  • 20 years’ experience in translation, localization and internationalization of marketing materials, software products and web content.
  • Active participant in TAUS and cofounder and member of the TAUS Data Association.
  • Former visiting professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies where he taught localization basics for two years.
  • Contributor to the Localization Certification Program since its creation.
  • 50+ seminars and presentations given for small and large audiences.
  • Certified project management professional and active member of the Project Management Institute.
  • Solid foundation as development director on commercial software and IT projects.
  • Willem can be contacted at willem@intlconsultingllc.com

Lori Thicke
Lori Thicke is cofounder and general manager of Lexcelera (formerly Eurotexte). Established in 1986, Lexcelera was the first localization company in France to receive ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. Today, Lexcelera is a leader in machine translation (MT), with pioneering MT processes that are setting productivity records. In 1993, Lori cofounded Translators Without Borders to provide free translations to humanitarian organizations. Lori holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia.

Boyd Timothy
Boyd Timothy cofounded Appigo in 2008. With attention to detail, he focuses on building software that is intuitive and easy-to-use. Boyd has been involved with software user interface design for many years. He helped open-source projects such as GNOME and companies such as Novell improve their software with features specifically designed to benefit the end-user. At Appigo, Boyd continues to drive intuitive software solutions on a variety of platforms. As part of ensuring well thought-out interfaces for Appigo’s products, Boyd also leads the company’s localization efforts.

Rocío Txabarriaga
Rocío Txabarriaga has worked since 1989 in both linguistic and executive capacities for some of the best known language services industry companies like Language Line Services and SDL. She is a certified international trade professional with experience in international business strategies and import-export matters. In her work at Common Sense Advisory, Rocío’s research focuses mainly on areas of interest to language services providers around the world, such as operational processes and standards. She also covers several vertical markets including life sciences and medical devices. Fluent in five languages, Rocío has degrees in linguistics, political science and translation, including a master's degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has lived in Colombia, Germany, Spain and the United States with extensive travels throughout Europe and the Americas.
Jaap van der Meer
Jaap van der Meer is a language industry pioneer and visionary, who started his first translation company in The Netherlands in 1980. He inspired and funded the founding meetings of the LISA organization and cofounded the SAE TopTec Multilingual Communications Conference for the automotive industry. He was president and CEO of ALPNET from 1997 till 2004. In 2005, he played an instrumental role in the establishment of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), which eventually inspired the founding of the TAUS Data Association (TDA) in 2008, a global translation industry platform for the hosting and sharing of all language data (translation memories). Jaap is the director of TDA, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of many articles about technologies and translation and globalization trends.
Erin Vang
Erin Vang, PMP, is owner and principal of GlobalPragmatica. She has over 20 years of both managerial and direct experience in statistical software documentation, quality assurance, project management, and localization, most recently as international program manager for the JMP Research and Development Division of SAS, the world's largest privately held software company. Erin holds degrees in music performance and math from St. Olaf College and Northwestern University, is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional, and has extensive training in facilitative leadership and conflict resolution. She co-authors a regular column for MultiLingual magazine ("Point/Counterpoint" with Tina Cargile of McElroy Translation) and plays horn in professional orchestras throughout the San Francisco Bay area.
Allyn Vannoy
Allyn Vannoy is currently the localization manager for Wireless Products with Intel’s Mobility Wireless Group in Hillsboro, Oregon. His duties include overseeing the localization of software and supporting documentation for wireless adapters used in notebooks and netbooks. His perspective is somewhat unique in that he’s had a five-year involvement in wireless product localization, first as a vendor and later as the client. Prior to joining Intel in 1999, he worked for three different localization firms from 1990 to 1999 in Portland, Oregon, and Boise, Idaho. In his free time, Al has written for Military Heritage and World War II magazines. His most recent publications in Military Heritage are “Duel in the Desert” (October 2008); “Air War Over Rabaul” (December 2008); and a column on German antiaircraft defenses (April 2009).

Armin Wahl
As national sales manager, Armin Wahl is responsible for Across Systems’ new business development as well as major accounts in the United States. He consults with customers on their localization processes and ways to integrate Across technology to gain higher efficiency. Prior to Across Systems, Armin worked in senior positions in the IT, plastic and service industries where he became familiar with translation requirements and challenges of operating corporations in a global marketplace. Armin holds an MA in international business management from the Nuertingen-Geislingen University (Fachhochschule Nuertingen) in Germany. He also studied one year abroad at California State University, Fullerton in an exchange program with Nuertingen. A German national, Armin is fluent in German, English and Spanish.

Gigi Wang
Gigi Wang has deep experience in marketing, sales and strategy for high-tech and start-up companies operating in global markets. She currently is managing partner at MG-Team, a global consultancy that provides strategic marketing and international business development services to clients in the United States, Asia and Europe. Previously, Gigi served as senior vice president of marketing and alliances at July Systems, a global mobile company with operations in the United States, India and Europe. She was CEO/cofounder of Asia Quest that provided market entry services between the United States and Asia. At Ascend Communications, she started the international carrier marketing group. Ascend was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 1999. As an internet pioneer in the early 1990s, she launched Pacific Internet in Singapore (IPO on NASDAQ in 1999) and launched the TRUSTe online privacy certification program. Gigi has taught global entrepreneurship courses as an adjunct professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and served on the steering committee for the NUS venture fund. She holds a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Gigi is a board member & chair emeritus of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, a high-tech entrepreneurial forum in Silicon Valley.

  Eileen S. Wibbeke
Eileen S. Wibbeke spent 20 years in management for Fortune 500 firms such as Xerox, Novell and Siebel Systems, mainly in Silicon Valley. Eileen teaches global leadership courses for several leading schools, including the University of Liverpool and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

  Shawna Wolverton
Shawna Wolverton has spent over ten years in the localization industry. Six years ago, she founded the first dedicated localization effort at Salesforce.com. There she has been instrumental in developing a new way to localize dynamic content in a software-as-a-service environment. She has recently taken on a new role at Salesforce.com as senior product manager for globalization. Previously, Shawna worked in various client and vendor roles from software to life sciences, production to project management.

Smith Yewell
Smith Yewell founded Welocalize in 1997. He won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2004 and guided Welocalize to win Deloitte & Touche's "Technology Fast 50" Program in Maryland 2000-2008. He was an Inc. 500/5000 winner 2005-2009. In 2004, Welocalize was the “Firm of the Year” winner awarded by the Tech Council of Maryland. Smith holds a BA in English from Tulane University and received the US Army Bronze Star in Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Tim Young
Tim Young is a senior operations manager of the Enterprise Translations Services Group at Cisco Systems. He’s responsible for leading the translation services and localization strategy for Cisco globally and participates in several boards and councils that drive global process and operational efficiencies.  His innovative approach has streamlined Cisco’s localization processes, established foundational capabilities through a global shared services strategy and common enterprise architecture. This has provided Cisco with enormous cost-savings opportunities and ultimately improved Cisco’s ability to address global business requirements and sustainable routes to market. Tim has 16 years’ experience in the high-tech and networking industry and joined Cisco in 2000
Angelika Zerfaß
Located in Germany, Angelika Zerfaß is a freelance consultant and trainer for translation technologies. After finishing her degree in translation (Chinese, Japanese, computational linguistics), she worked for the Japanese embassy in Germany and then joined Trados in 1997. She has been the Trados specialist at Microsoft in Japan in 1998 and in the United States in 1999 before she went freelance in 2000. She regularly lectures at various universities; writes articles for industry-specific magazines; holds presentations at several localization-related events each year; and supports her international customer base with consultancy, technical expertise and training on tools and processes in localization.
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