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P1: Life Sciences Business Round Table

Life Sciences Advisory Board
Co-chair: Richard Korn, St. Jude Medical
Co-chair: Clio Schils, Lionbridge Life Sciences
Simon Andriesen, MediLingua Translations
Brigitte Herrmann, Siemens AG Healthcare Sector
Sandra La Brasca, ForeignExchange Translations
Maarten Milder, Medtronic

Overview: In the world of translation and localization, the life sciences sector is different from any other industry because of the unique and specific nature of its requirements. With regulations changing on a continual basis, a premium is placed on quality above all else. For our next Life Sciences Business Round Table, we are delighted to offer the following topics:

Innovative Cost Alignment:
How to maintain cost control without compromising quality
Effective resource management without increasing the size of your team

Technological Innovation:
Best practices for adapting and using content management systems and translation memory platforms
Terminology management
Quality enhancement tools
Content sharing within an organization and between organizations: Using cloud-based systems in the life sciences arena?

Regulatory Requirements:
Challenges of becoming a regulated business
Adhering to language requirements for software and manuals: How do we keep on top of the latest regulations? How do emerging markets play a vital role in your strategy for growth in localization and distribution?

Web-based Platforms in the Medical Device Arena:
Innovative approaches to localization for web and mobile platforms
How have electronic health records requirements changed the way life sciences companies do business?
Patient facing versus clinician facing platforms: How do we treat the graphic user interfaces differently? Integrating SMS and voice messaging platforms within your localized web platform

Cross-cultural Interaction:
A cross-cultural focus on distributed (or virtual) teams
How can we use adaptive strategies for work within “high” and “low” context cultures?
How do life sciences companies or projects enhance the need for effective project management across cultures?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2:00-2:30 pm: Life Sciences Round Table — Introductions
Richard Korn (St. Jude Medical) and Clio Schils (Lionbridge Life Sciences)

2:30-3:30 pm: Adhering to Language Requirements for Software and Manuals: How Do We keep on Top of the Latest Regulations? How Do Emerging Markets Play a Vital Role in Your Strategy for Growth in Localization and Distribution?
Speaker: Stacey Ellul (NeuroPace, Inc.)
Host: Richard Korn

3:30-4:00 pm: Break

4:00-5:30 pm: Content Sharing Within an Organization and Between Organizations: Using Cloud-based Systems in the Life Sciences Arena
Speaker: Jaap van der Meer (TAUS)
Moderator: Clio Schils

5:30 pm: Wrap-up

6:45 pm: Pick-up for dinner in San Jose (personal invitations will be sent)

Monday, October 10, 2011

9:00–9:15 am: Life Sciences Round Table — Recap from October 9, 2011
Richard Korn (St. Jude Medical) and Clio Schils (Lionbridge Life Sciences)

9:15-10:15 am:  Ten and a Half Ways to Ensure a Successful CMS Implementation
Speakers: Jennifer Smiley (CaridianBCT), Jason Arnsparger (ForeignExchange Translations, Inc.),
Moderator: tbd
CMS at St. Jude Medical: An Implementation Case Study
Speaker: Brenda Inman (St. Jude Medical)
Moderator: Sandra LaBrasca

10:15-10:30 am: Break

10:30-12:00: Innovative Cost Alignment: How to Maintain Cost Control without Compromising Quality and Effective Resource Management without Increasing the Size of Your Team
Panelists: tbd
Moderators: Sandra LaBrasca, Clio Schils

12:00-1:30 pm: Lunch

1:30-2:15 pm: Streamlining the Review Cycle in Life Sciences
Speaker: Michael Oettli (nlg GmbH)
Moderator: Simon Andriesen

2:15-3:15: Merlin.net Remote Care System: A Human Factors Approach to Understanding Workflow
Speaker: Joy Matsumoto (St. Jude Medical)
Moderator: Richard Korn

3:15-3:30 pm: Introduction to Breakout Sessions and Definition of Groups

3:30-4:00 pm: Break

4:00-5:00 pm: Breakout Sessions (continued)

5:00-5:15 pm: Wrap-up and Evaluation


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