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Games Localization Round Table

P3: Driving Global Growth: A Marketing Round Table

2011 Advisory Board
Chair: Ulrich Henes, Localization World, Ltd.
Meritxell Guitart, Hogarth Worldwide Ltd/Beyond Worldwide Ltd
Salvatore Giammarresi, Yahoo! Inc.
Gráinne Maycock, VistaTEC
Philippe Pieri, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Rashmi Schaefers, SAP

Synopsis: How do you successfully create a global branding strategy that crosses language, cultural and business divides while navigating in-country approval all the while managing the content updates and ‘translation’ elements in ever decreasing time frames? Attendees will learn how they can contribute more effectively to the branding success across markets for their host companies and the elements they need to consider beyond marketing translation.

Session 1: Positioning Localization as a Revenue Driver
Speakers: Salvatore Giammarresi (Yahoo! Inc.), Rashmi Schaefers (SAP)
Synopsis: In recent years we have seen the rampant rise of new economic superpowers in foreign markets as well as new digital business channels such as the internet and social media platforms. The combination of these phenomena is repositioning the role of localization from cost center to revenue driver for businesses around the globe. With their increased market power, customers in countries such as China, India and Brazil are demanding to be engaged through digital channels in their local language and on their terms — whether it be local business context, digital forum or data format. For example, in order to tap into this savvy and powerful new customer base, SEO localization will be required to allow website visitors to search for content in their local vernacular. In addition, the role of local social media platforms will increase dramatically as customers turn to these forums to influence their buying decisions. Last but not least, global businesses will have to meet local customer preferences for new data formats, such as video and multimedia, in order for their global content to effectively reach their target market. The common denominator throughout these new business requirements is an effective localization strategy that will enable your business to engage local customers and drive revenue.

10:30-10:45: Break

Session 2: International SEO
Speaker: Fred Hollowood (Symantec), David Lin (SAP)
Synopsis: We will review customs and practices in terminology management for online documentation and pick out the challenges of search engine optimization. These challenges will be examined in the light of the mechanics of search, and the discussion will cover the localization challenges that traditional writing and social media bring to the table.

12:15-1:30: Lunch

Session 3: Global Social Media
Speakers: Kathleen McBride (Think Passenger, Inc.) and Gene Schriver (GLOBO Language Solutions)
Synopsis: Beyond Facebook and Twitter, the world’s biggest brands are utilizing virtual social tools like private online communities, listening technology, reputation management and mobile media to communicate with consumers – though they struggle to do so effectively in multiple languages.  We will discuss the development of new localization business processes to manage these settings successfully, including balancing the need for speed and quality for different categories of communication: publishing, listening and dialogue.

3:00-3:30: Break

Session 4: Global Content Challenges 
Speaker: Mark Flanagan (VistaTEC), Mimi Hills (Research In Motion)
Synopsis: Today's global brand leaders are the driving force behind international revenue optimization.  This session examines many of the ways that organizations are dealing with multilingual content and the increasingly complex go-to-market channels they must navigate such as social media, blogging, marketing videos and so on.  How does this differ from traditional localization practices and what are the challenges and opportunities we are likely to face as an industry in the years to come?  How do we better align our daily activities with the strategic revenue goals of our host organizations?  In this session we will learn how we leverage our digital assets to best effect and what challenges this presents to localization.

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