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All exhibits in the Gateway Foyer (booths 109-124) are in a high traffic area that is subject to additional fire regulations. These exhibits include:
• A 10' wide by 8' tall back drape in blue and no side wall drapes
• A standard furniture package (6' white skirted table, two chairs, wastebasket, one standard power outlet, basic ID sign) and furniture substitutions are not possible
• AV rentals that fit on the included table top, and pop up signage that can fit flat against the back drape are possible – additional costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

• Wireless Internet access
• Company listing with link on locworld.com and networking app
• One free conference registration for one person
• One additional attendee registration at a reduced rate of $975

All exhibits in the Oak & Fir Room (exhibits 101-108 and 201-208) will have:
• A 10' wide by 8' tall back drape in blue, and 3' tall by 6' wide, or 3' tall by 10' wide, side wall drapes in blue.
• A standard furniture package (6' white skirted table, two chairs, wastebasket, one standard power outlet, basic ID sign). Furniture substitutions will be possible – additional costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
• AV rentals, and additional graphics/signage are possible – additional costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

• Wireless Internet access
• Company listing with link on locworld.com and networking app
• One free conference registration for one person
• One additional attendee registration at a reduced rate of $975

Booth selection: If you are the first exhibitor to process your request for a particular booth, you will be awarded that booth. Until you hit the "Process Order" button on the payment tab, the booth is not claimed.
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Exhibit Rules and Regulations
  1. Assignment of Booth Space. Assignments will be made after receipt of the exhibit registration and payment on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference organizers, Localization World Ltd., reserves the right to reassign exhibit spaces at any time in the interest of creating a cohesive exhibit. Localization World reserves the right to reject any application that in its judgment is not appropriate for the LocWorld Conference.
  2. Show Management. The exhibition is organized and managed by Localization World Ltd. Any matters not covered in these Rules and Regulations are subject to the interpretation of Localization World Ltd. and all exhibitors must abide by their decisions.  Show management shall have full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these rules and regulations. Each exhibitor, for himself and his employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing rules and regulations.
  3. Included in Booth Space. Each booth contains a 6' skirted table, two chairs, wastebasket, company identification sign, wireless internet access, a standard electrical connection, a company listing with link on locworld.com and the networking app, a free full conference registration for one person, and a discounted full registration for one person. Additional furniture, phone, etc. are not included and must be purchased separately by the exhibitor.
  4. Installation and Dismantle of Exhibits. Installation and dismantling of the exhibit booth should be done only during the time indicated by show management according to the exhibit schedule. All booths must remain intact until the close of the event. Displays must be staffed during all regular exhibit hours. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted on the exhibit floor during installation and dismantle hours.
  5. Failure to Occupy Space. Space not occupied by the opening of the exhibit hall on the first day of the conference, will be forfeited by exhibitors and their space may be resold, reassigned or used by the exhibit management without refund.
  6. Rates, Refunds and Cancellation. Space will be rented at the rates listed on the official exhibit application. No application will be processed or space assigned without full payment. A full refund, minus a USD 50 processing fee will be made if written notice of cancellation is received by Localization World 60 days in advance of the conference. A 50% refund will be given if written notice of cancellation is received 30 days in advance. No refund will be given if notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days before the conference. If an exhibitor cancels or does not utilize their contracted booth space, the complimentary conference registration will be null and void. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the LocWorld Exhibits Manager. Localization World, Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the conference without prior notice. Localization World, Ltd.'s liability is limited to a refund of the exhibit and related registration fees.
  7. Contractor Services. An official contractor will provide all services in the exhibit area. Complete information, instructions and schedule of prices regarding, shipping, drayage, labor for installation and dismantling, etc. will be forwarded in an exhibitor manual. Under no circumstances will Localization World assume responsibilities for loss or damage to goods consigned to the official contractor.
  8. Exhibit Displays. Any portion of an exhibit that obstructs the view, interferes with the privileges of other exhibitors, extends beyond the designated booth space or for any reason becomes objectionable, must be immediately modified or removed by the exhibitor. No signs or advertising materials, including handouts or marketing materials, shall be displayed outside the exhibit space. Localization World reserves the right to curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that reflect against the character of the conference.
  9. Subleasing of Space. Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or apportion to others the whole or any part of the space allocated.
  10. Exhibitor’s Personnel. All exhibitor personnel must wear an official LocWorld name badge for exhibit hall admission. Each exhibit must be fully operational and staffed during the open exhibit hours as defined by the Exhibit Schedule. Distribution of advertising material and souvenirs must be confined to the exhibitor’s booth. Canvassing or distribution of advertising material or souvenirs in the exhibit hall by representatives of non-exhibiting firms is strictly forbidden.
  11. Sales. Any on-site selling must comply with all laws regarding taxes.
  12. Sound Devices, Lighting and other Presentation Devices. Public address, sound-producing or amplification devices must be kept at a conversational level and must not interfere with other exhibitors. Localization World reserves the right to restrict the use of glaring lights or objectionable lighting effects.
  13. Events. Any function, event or meeting sponsored by an exhibitor must be scheduled in advance through LocWorld and must not conflict with the conference schedule.
  14. Loss or Damage. Neither Localization World, its sponsors, their employees or agents will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s property. By agreeing to these terms the exhibitor releases Localization World, its sponsors, their employees and agents from any agreement to indemnify them against any and all claims for loss, damage or injury. Exhibitors are advised to carry insurance.
  15. Labor. Rules and regulations for union labor are made by the local unions and may change at any time. Where union labor is required because of building or contractor requirements, it will be necessary for the exhibitor to comply with these regulations.
  16. Storage. The exhibitor should make arrangements for storage of packing boxes and materials during the exhibition.
  17. Termination. If the conference is terminated due to picketing, strike, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of terrorism, act of God, or a state of emergency declared by a government agency, the exhibitor waives any and all damages. Localization World may, after deducting all costs and expenses including a reserve for claims, refund to the exhibitor the prorated amount of all funds paid by the exhibitor.
  18. Violations. Violation of any of these Rules and Regulations by the exhibitor or his or her employees or agents shall at the option of Localization World forfeit the exhibitor’s right to occupy space and such exhibitor shall forfeit all monies paid or due. Upon evidence of violation, show management may take possession of the space occupied by the exhibitor, and may remove all persons and goods at the exhibitor’s risk. The exhibitor shall pay all expenses and damages Localization World may incur thereby.

Contact. For questions or more information, please contact:
          LocWorld Exhibits Manager
          7601 Ganser Way
          Madison, WI 53719 USA
          Phone:  (608) 826-5001      Fax:  (608) 826-5004
          Email:  exhibits@locworld.com

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