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Andriesen Tom Alwood
Tom Alwood has 14 years' experience in the translation industry, focusing on operations, procedures and quality control for financial, medical and legal documentation. He started in project management for a start-up translation agency and moved into operations management and technology management at a number of New York translation companies. At RR Donnelley, he currently specializes in optimizing translation workflow through technology tools to support a global operations platform. This has included development of proprietary project management systems focused on document translation needs and the implementation of translation memory tools. Tom holds graduate degrees in ancient history from Columbia University, where his studies of Latin and Greek accidentally led him to stray from academia into the translation industry.
Andriesen Simon Andriesen
Simon Andriesen is managing director of The Netherlands-based MediLingua, specializing in the localization of medical technology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, clinical trial and health-related information. He also manages Leesbaarheidstest.nl, which is a company specializing in readability testing of patient information, and coordinates and teaches a series of courses on medical and pharmaceutical translation. He has been part of the localization community since 1980 and was a founding member of INK, one of the first localization firms in Europe. Simon is a member of the advisory board of the Medical Round Table of Localization World conferences.
Argondizzo Peter Argondizzo
Peter Argondizzo is a founder and principal with Argo Translation, a 13-year old translation services provider headquartered in Chicago. Formerly an Italian translator and project manager for an international medical equipment manufacturer and a major airline, Peter has led Argo in becoming a trusted translation partner to companies in health care, medical devices, manufacturing, and marketing among other disciplines. Argo credits its success as a high-quality, customer-oriented provider in part due to its use of advanced technologies and ISO-9000 processes. Peter is a cum laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Arnsparger Jason Arnsparger
Jason Arnsparger is a localization project manager at CaridianBCT, Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Lakewood, Colorado, where he is responsible for managing the localization of technical documentation, training materials and web content in up to 22 languages. For the past five years, Jason has helped to create and continuously improve the localization processes and project management methodologies at CaridianBCT, including leading the implementation and administration of the company’s GIM system. Jason has been involved in various aspects of linguistics and culture for the past 10 years and has a BA in modern languages with an emphasis on Spanish language and culture.
Ballista Andrea Ballista
As one of the founders and partners of Binari Sonori, Andrea Ballista has been immersed in entertainment localization for more than 15 years. A pioneer in the support of multilingual localization for simship, he has been responsible for the localization of a host of popular games such as Medal of Honor (Electronic Arts) and Ratchet & Clank (Sony Computer Entertainment).
Ballista Rachael Barnack-Link
Rachael Barnack-Link serves as senior technical communicator at GE Healthcare. She leads the team of specialists responsible for design and development of documentation for life support products, which includes creating documentation for global markets. Her team is accountable for maintaining best practices to meet QA and regulatory requirements and coordinating the translation process across 24 languages. Rachael has been involved in international technical communications since 1994. Prior to joining GE, she served as a technical writer, editor and supervisor of publications at Marquip, Inc. (now MarquipWardUnited), an international manufacturer of high-speed corrugating, sheeting, and finishing equipment.
Bergmann Frank Bergmann
Frank Bergmann is the founder of ]project-open[, an open-source based project management and translation workflow system. Previously, Frank worked as a localization consultant, software architect, IT project manager and CTO. He received his Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) at RWTH-Aachen in Germany and his MBA degree at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain.
Bernal Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino
Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino is one of the few academics who has started raising the issues of game localization and the necessity of doing research into the topic in order to improve overall quality and turnover. He is currently lecturing in media translation in London. He has several publications on translation and localization and has formally introduced game localization within translation studies programs at the universities he works for in London. Miguel is a member of the IGDA and cofounder of the Game Localization SIG, and he created the L4G mailing list with a view to bring people together to discuss game localization issues.
Biggs Melissa Biggs
Melissa Biggs, senior globalization business manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., has over 12 years of experience in localization management. Melissa has successfully delivered globalization and localization programs driving the growth of globalization at Sun. She led the team who produced and implemented a unique Sun globalization executive mandate defining localization content and globalization requirements for Sun products.
Bostick Kathleen Bostick
Kathleen Bostick is the vice president of global business at Lionbridge. With more than 13 years' experience in multilingual services, Kathleen was vice president of North America for SDL for nine years prior to joining Lionbridge in 2005. Often instrumental in helping companies accelerate time-to-market and increase global market share, Kathleen has expertise in a range of vertical markets, including IT, life sciences, consumer, e-commerce, education and government.
  Leonor Ciarlone
As senior analyst at Gilbane Group, Leonor Ciarlone brings over 18 years of experience as a practitioner and industry analyst to provide educational, advisory and consulting services to stakeholders in the content technologies industry. As lead analyst for the Globalization Practice, she focuses on the intersection of content and localization/translation management technologies and processes.
Cockerill Ben Cockerill
Ben Cockerill graduated in modern languages and linguistics at the turn of the millennium and has worked in various branches of international business ever since, most recently as project manager for the EULIS project for the British and Icelandic governments. He joined CCP games in September 2008 and is looking forward to bringing the linguistic and project management aspects of his experience to bear on localization for EVE online and future massive multiplayer online projects within the company.
Depraetere Heidi Depraetere
Heidi Depraetere is a director and cofounder of Cross Language n.v., a consulting, system integration, language and translation technologies company based in Belgium. Heidi has more than 15 years' experience in the translation and localization business. She is familiar with the evolution of the industry from CAT tools to the newer globalization technologies, including workflow systems, machine translation and hybrid translation solutions. She has created and worked with international teams throughout Europe and the United States.
Draheim Andrew Draheim
Andrew Draheim is founder and principal of Kidd & Draheim, a consulting firm that provides strategic and tactical solutions for operations, globalization, marketing and business development. Andrew has celebrated success in leading global organizations, such as Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group (Scientific American, The Macmillan Group, and many others), Berlitz GlobalNET (now Lionbridge), The World Bank, Merrill and thebigword. On the client side, Andrew completed the implementation of five localization hubs in developing countries for the World Bank and managed one of the world’s largest global translation management system installations. He is co-author of Best Practice Guide to Implementing Global Content Management Systems (CMS), published by LISA, and is a featured speaker, facilitator and participant at many industry events.
  Hope Dippel
Hope Dippel, senior dialog coordinator at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), is responsible for overseeing the dialog processes for specific SCEA projects. Most recently she finished working on the upcoming release of SOCOM ConfrontationConfrontation was localized for 16 languages simultaneously. Because of this, Hope has become well-versed in localizing voice-over and understands that aggressive schedules and supremely detailed processes are what this type of release demands. Prior to establishing her career at SCEA, Hope spent several years at Electronic Arts Chicago as the main dialog designer and shipped such bestselling titles as Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam ICON.
Edmunson Andrea Edmundson
Andrea Edmundson, CPLP and e-learning specialist, is the CEO of eWorldLearning, Inc., a company dedicated to the design and implementation of culturally appropriate e-learning — allowing learners in all countries to achieve equitable learning outcomes. While the company uses translation and localization experts, Andrea takes adaption to a deeper level, using the cultural dimensions, learning preferences and learning styles of the targeted learners themselves.  She published the book, Globalized E-learning Cultural Challenges and created the Globalized eLearning Community [GEC], an online professional association for international educators. Having worked in 30-plus countries, including serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire, she is uniquely aware of the different perspectives engendered by cultural differences. She served three years as the president of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD - Greater Tucson Chapter) and currently teaches graduate courses in distance learning for several online universities.
Freivalds John Freivalds
John Freivalds is managing director of JFA, a marketing communications firm, with extensive experience in the globalization industry. He has 15 years' experience ias sales and marketing manager for a number of localization firms.
Freivalds Dan Gervais
As a cofounder of MultiCorpora, Daniel Gervais has over 12 years of experience in the software industry. Daniel has been responsible for product development and technology strategies and initial commercialization stages of the company. Daniel has played a key role in helping MultiCorpora grow its client-base to several hundred commercial and government organizations across North America and Europe. As executive vice-president, he is second in command and currently leads the R&D and the professional services teams as well as the customer support group.

Daniel Goldschmidt
As a senior software engineer and a professional in the globalization of software and content field, Daniel Goldschmidt has extensive experience in the internationalization and localization of large-scale enterprise applications and projects. Independently as well as through his association with Localization Flow Technologies, Daniel provides his client base with internationalization and localization expertise. He has recently served as a senior software engineer in the Google Internationalization Team, working on the Google Localization Framework.  He holds a BS in computer sciences and mathematics and a MS in computer sciences, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 

  Ana Guerberof
Ana Guerberof is operations manager for Logoscript where she oversees the production team. She has over 16 years' experience in the software localization industry in activities ranging from translation, editing and proofing of documents and software to co-ordination and management of projects, plus resource and operation management. Ana came to Logoscript from Berlitz Dublin after being a Spanish language manager and the resource manager as part of the first outsourcing initiative for Microsoft MILS. Ana started her career as a senior editor for Donnelley Language Solutions also in Dublin. She has a university degree in translation and interpreting from the University of Granada, and she is currently doing her Ph.D. at Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona.
Haddad Ghassan Haddad
Ghassan Haddad. the director of internationalization at Facebook, is deeply immersed in defining and implementing the company's crowdsourcing model and living the localization dream. Prior to Facebook, he was director of software engineering and localization at PayPal where he was responsible for enabling PayPal as a payment solution in almost 200 countries, 30-plus currencies, and 15-plus languages. He has over 20 years of experience in language research and technology, management and software development. He is one of the first computational linguists to develop an English > Arabic machine translation system and has held several middle and upper management positions at Intergraph, Berlitz, eTranslate, PayPal and Facebook. Ghassan holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Henes Ulrich Henes
Ulrich Henes is the president of The Localization Institute which he founded in the fall of 1996 because he saw a serious lack of quality training and learning opportunities in this important area. He has been involved with localization, first as an international sales and marketing manager (also serving as a localization manager) for a US software company and then as president of the American office of a British localization agency. He is a co-organizer of the Localization World conferences.
Heuberger Andres Heuberger
Andres Heuberger is president and founder of ForeignExchange Translations, which provides multilingual compliance solutions to the device and diagnostics industries. In the translation industry since 1991, Andres manages ForeignExchange’s major accounts, implements production systems and technology strategy, and oversees the company’s ISO 900x certification efforts. He regularly writes for European Medical Device Manufacturer, IVD Technology, MX and Software Business.
Howe Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe is a contributing editor at Wired magazine, where he covers the media and entertainment industry, among other subjects. In June of 2006 he published "The Rise of Crowdsourcing" in Wired. He has continued to cover the phenomenon in his blog (www.crowdsourcing.com) and authored the book Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business, published in August 2008. Before coming to Wired, Jeff was a senior editor at Inside.com and a writer at the Village Voice. In his 15 years as a journalist, he has traveled around the world working on stories ranging from the impending water crisis in Central Asia to the implications of gene patenting. He has written for U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, Mother Jones and numerous other publications.

Sophie Hurst
Sophie Hurst is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a senior product marketing manager at SDL, where she is responsible for SDL’s global authoring, terminology and automated translation solutions. Speaking five languages and with experience having worked at various IT companies prior to SDL, Sophie has gained a good understanding of the requirements for global information management.


Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson has worked with localized content since 1992. He helped establish and run the first Localization Test Group at SEGA of Europe in 1994 and also worked for several years in production in the United Kingdom at SEGA of Europe, GameTek and Eidos, bringing numerous multilingual titles to launch. During a gaming hiatus, he worked at Buena Vista Internet Group, setting up the architecture for their online test group covering all websites for Disney and Buena Vista's European, South America and Australian territories. He also worked at the first localized online search agency, covering region specific searches for all of Europe. In 2005 he joined Rainbow Studios and was responsible for releasing 114 language versions of Cars, that year's global best selling title. Most recently, he helped centralize and manage development side localization for all THQ development studios.

Kaufman Balázs Kis
Balázs Kis holds an M.Sc. in IT engineering and is about to earn his Ph.D. in applied linguistics. He started his career as a certified Microsoft systems engineer and trainer. He also works as a technical author, and besides running Kilgray, he is active  in publishing. In 1997, he joined MorphoLogic, a Hungarian language technology company, first as a system administrator and later became the head of research, contributing to many language technology projects on machine translation, content analysis and information extraction. He left MorphoLogic in early 2005 to work for Kilgray. He teaches translation technology at the ELTE University of Budapest.
Kaufman Richard Korn
Richard Korn, the senior manager of localization and packaging development at St. Jude Medical in Sylmar, California, oversees the two teams that offer software localization, testing and labeling services to the company’s Cardiac Rhythm Management Division. Richard also serves on the advisory board for the medical device localization round table at Localization World. He started his career in localization at Berlitz Translation Services in 1995 and managed the localization services for an interactive multimedia company before joining St. Jude Medical in 1999. Richard holds a BA in psychology and French from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and a masters degree in international relations and cross-cultural communication from American University in Washington, D.C.
Laplante Mary Laplante
Mary Laplante has 23 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting. As vice president at Gilbane Group, she oversees Gilbane’s consulting practice, manages research projects, contributes editorial content, and participates in Gilbane conferences and other industry events. As senior analyst, she is active in Gilbane’s globalization, XML, and software-as-a-service coverage.
Laplante Terry Lawlor
Terry Lawlor is vice president of solutions at SDL with account management and business development responsibility for some of the company ’s strategic global customers. Prior to this role, as vice president of authoring solutions, Terry helped develop the market for SDL’s authoring technologies and services. He joined SDL in 2004 as vice president of worldwide marketing. Prior to joining SDL, Terry was Europe, Middle East and Asia marketing and business development director at SupportSoft, a support automation and knowledge management company. Before SupportSoft, he held senior sales and marketing positions at the database software company Informix Software. He is a graduate of Durham University in the United Kingdom and has senior management experience in sales, marketing, customer services, and research and development.
Lebesnerais Arnaud Lebesnerais|
Arnaud Lebesnerais is a localization producer for THQ, based at Relic Entertainment, Inc. He has participated in the localization of popular titles such as Dawn of War: Warhammer 40,000, Company of Heroes and The Outfit. He has performed most tasks in game localization and has a wide understanding of the whole process.
Laplante Frank Lin
Frank Lin is a software development manager in Cardinal Health’s Clinical and Medical Products division in San Diego, California, where products for the medical industry have been localized to more than 10 languages. He has led many software localization and internationalization projects and initiatives in the past seven years. He has also been a software developer for various industries, including telecommunication, document imaging and storage, medical instrumentation, and the internet. Frank has taught university computer science courses.
Laplante Joseph Lukasik
As director of solutions development at Tek Translation International, Inc., Joseph Lukasik has responsibility for providing the sales team with new business models and process solutions for existing and future clients. Joseph joined Tek in March 2008, with over 10 years of experience in localization engineering, internationalization, project management and localization solutions development. Prior to Tek, he held a position at Lionbridge Technologies as a solutions architect. At Lionbridge he held other positions including senior technical project manager and senior software localization engineer. Prior to working in the localization industry, Joseph was the director of music technology at the University of Colorado-Boulder where he directed research and development into computer-aided learning, musical analysis and algorithmic composition. He holds a MM in music composition from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor – School of Music and a BM in music composition from the University of Rochester – Eastman School of Music.
Lynch Clove Lynch
Clove Lynch is director of product management at Lionbridge. He has been involved in localization technology management and implementation for 15 years, holding positions as translation tools manager at ILE, principal product manager at GlobalSight, chief product strategist at Translations.com, and principal product manager at Idiom Technologies. Prior to working in technology, Clove was an in-house translator, a freelance translator and a project manager. Clove holds an MA in translation studies from Kent State University and is an ATA-certified translator.
Laplante Jesús Martínez
Jesús Martínez is managing director for ABS Global, North America. He reports directly to Ian Biggs, chief operating officer for Genus Americas. Jesús has been a highly-valued member of the ABS team for over 15 years. His previous positions include managing director for Latin America, United Kingdom general manager, human resource manager and vice president of Caribbean operations. He has a BA in sociology and an MA in administraton from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
McMahon Nic McMahon
Nic McMahon is the vice president and general manager of Jonckers US and has worked in the localization industry for over 12 years. During his career, Nic has held management positions across many different business functions — purchasing, operations, stock, sales and marketing — that provide for a unique insight into the general running of Jonckers US. During his time in localization, he has also been lucky enough to have had direct involvement in many of the major acquisitions and technology developments that have helped to shape the overall industry.
Muddyman Gary Muddyman
Gary Muddyman is managing director and CEO of Conversis. He founded Conversis with the idea of advancing the understanding and use of localization and translation as a strategic business tool. Prior to founding Conversis, Gary served as director of operations for K International Plc. He received his master's degree in business administration from Warwick University.
Nackovski Daniel Nackovski
As president of Across Systems, Inc., Daniel Nackovski is responsible for managing organizational development and implementing revenue growth strategies for the American division of Across Systems GmbH. He previously served as sales manager, Scandinavia, with Across, where he was in charge of the regional rollout of Across products. Prior to Across Systems, Daniel worked for the government agency, Invest in Sweden, as a consultant, facilitating successful business launches for international companies in Sweden. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from the University of Kristianstad, Sweden, and a master’s degree in strategic management from the University of Lund, Sweden. A Swedish national transplanted to California, Daniel is fluent in English, Swedish, German, Macedonian and Serbian.
Kelly Traci Nathans-Kelly
Dr. Traci Nathans-Kelly, Ph.D., teaches in the technical communication department, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW).  She is also the manager for the International Technical Communication Special Interest Group for the Society for Technical Communication (STC). As a senior member of STC, she participates on the Committee on Global Strategies and judges at the international level for the publications contests for scholarly journals, scholarly articles and information materials. Through the UW, she regularly holds workshops for practicing engineers on how to improve their technical presentations, including a series called "Improving Technical Presentations" that went out in live webinar format to UN ProVention members in over 23 countries in the summer of 2008.
schlegel Anna Navarro Schlegel
Anna Navarro Schlegel is director of operations at Acclaro, managing its west coast operations. Anna has 15 years of experience in the globalization industry, having been director of globalization at VMware and VeriSign and having been localization program manager at Xerox and Cisco. Anna holds a double BA in philology from the Universitat Central de Barcelona and a masters in linguistics from the Humbolt Universitaet in Berlin.
  Yasmine Nelson
Yasmine Nelson has worked as a localization manager for Microsoft Game Studios for the past 17 years. She has played a key role in the localization of all games, original intellectual properties and franchises published by her company. These titles include Gears of War, Halo, Flight Simulator, and Dungeon Siege.

Nelson Ng
Since 1983, Nelson Ng has worked in the area of internationalization for companies such as Xerox, Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, Ariba and eBay. While Nelson was at Sun, he was part of the team that developed the first version of internationalized Solaris OpenWindows, and he worked with X Consortium in defining Xlib Internationalization specification for X11R5. He also represented Sun in X/Open in defining Portable Layout Services: Context-dependent and Directional Text Specification for complex layout text languages. At Microsoft, he designed the globalization framework for the first internationalized version of Hotmail.  At eBay, Nelson architected the migration of eBay Marketplace UI and DB to UTF-8.


Scott Ng
Scott Ng is a senior engineering manager at Sun Microsystems based in Menlo Park, California. He is responsible for Sun's globalization in Java SE, JavaFX, Java Enterprise Systems, GlassFish, NetBeans, Identity Management, and a few other new Web 2.0 products. He has a master's degree in computer science and has been in the software industry for more than 20 years working for different companies including IBM and HP before joining Sun. He also spent four years (2003-2007) in Beijing, China, running Sun's Asian Globalization Center.

orriss Iris Orriss
Iris Orriss is senior group manager of the Data & Storage Platform International Team at Microsoft. Her team’s charter includes international product planning, globalization and localization of products such as SQL Server and ADO.NET. Iris has 10 plus years of localization-related engineering and managerial experience at different companies from start-up to Fortune 500. She is passionate about designing a software development and content authoring process that integrates internationalization from the start and delivers quality and simultaneous time-to-market through process innovation.
Papaioannou John Papaioannou
John Papaioannou is senior localization manager at Bentley Systems. In this role, he manages the localization strategy, business performance, localization vendors and process and technology, and is global liaison for localization and internationalization issues. Previously, he was a localization project manager at Bentley, responsible for Bentley Systems' European product localization.
Parrish Donna Parrish
Donna Parrish is co-organizer of the Localization World conferences and publisher of the magazine
MultiLingual. Prior to her work at MultiLingual Computing, Inc., she was a computer programmer for 25 years. Donna holds a degree in mathematics from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.
Parrish André Pellet
André Pellet has been in the translation and localization industry for over 20 years, having served as president of a mid-sized translation company, M2Enterprises/M2 Limited, and then as vice president at Welocalize. He has an engineering degree with a specialization in computer science and has been active with the American Translators Association and its Washington chapter, NCATA, ALC, GALA, Localization World, and
MultiLingual leading discussions on mergers and acquisition and technology within the language industry. He is currently the COO at ProZ.com.
Parrish Gary Prioste
Gary Prioste is vice president of technology solutions at Welocalize. He has over 20 years of experience in the delivery and support of complex IT solutions, with significant senior-level experience in business management, strategic business development, product development and operations. Prior to his current position at Welocalize, Gary was the CEO of Localize Technologies, which was acquired by Welocalize in August 2007. He was also founder and CEO of SpinAway Technologies, a software startup focused on web services applications for the financial industry, and CEO of Servinet Consulting, a client/server and web application development firm that he grew from one employee in 1989 to over $25M in revenue. Gary is a graduate of CSUH and the Executive Program at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business.
Quintero Arturo Quintero
Arturo Quintero, co-owner and chief corporate strategist at Moravia Worldwide, is based in the company's corporate headquarters in the Czech Republic and spends extensive periods of time in other Moravia Worldwide locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Currently, Arturo is a member of the board of directors of The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) and helps other nonprofit associations in an advisory role.
Reichart Bettina Reichart
Bettina Reichart is the director of Vendor & Language Solutions within Oracle Worldwide Product Translation Group. The team ensures that Oracle product users experience high language usability in their own language — in any of the more than 30 languages Oracle offers.The globally distributed team enables a network of external LSPs to meet local linguistic market requirements and standards. Bettina has held various localization related positions within Oracle since 1989.
Reichart Greg Rosner
Greg Rosner started in the translation business in 1993 and moved into web globalization at a time when dotcoms were being born and dying on a daily basis. He earned a great deal of globalization experience from supporting truly successful organizations such as General Electric, Citigroup, Cord Motor Company and Cisco. Greg has provided high-quality translation services and technology to many Global 5000 companies. Previously a vice president of sales for thebigword US, Greg currently offers consulting services through his own company.
Salisbury Gerald Salisbury
Formerly more active in the marketing of high-tech products, Gerald Salisbury then moved into the translation and localization business. At SMA Solar Technology AG, Gerald is head of the translation and the illustration department and directs a team of 40 internal and external translators. He set up a system of effective workflows that integrate several different translation memory tools. At SMA he implemented a high-level communication strategy that directs the right feedback to the involved people in order to ensure a smooth and continuous quality improvement for all translation projects.

Michael Sank
Michael Sank, vice president of corporate strategy of TransPerfect/Translations.com, joined the company as a salesperson in 1997 when he opened TransPerfect’s Los Angeles office. He subsequently led the company’s international expansion as vice president of international operations, during which time he lived in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Hong Kong, managing all sales and production in Europe and Asia. In his current role, in addition to partnerships and other strategic ventures, Michael manages M&A activity, including the company’s mergers with Crimson, ArchiText, iSP and Overtaal. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Globalization and Localization Association.

Sargent Ben Sargent
Ben Sargent, a senior analyst specializing in content globalization for Common Sense Advisory, got his start in the localization industry in 1989 as the eighth employee at International Communications. During his time there, he was integral in the process of building teams for electronic publishing in European and Asian languages. His responsibilities grew to include RTF, multimedia and web publishing as his group expanded to over 40 professional publishers. In 2001, Ben was hired by Lionbridge, where he served as director of marketing communications for more than four years.
Schaler Reinhard Schäler
Reinhard Schäler has been involved in the localization industry in a variety of roles since 1987. He is the founder and editor of
Localisation Focus — The International Journal of Localisation, a founding editor of Journal of Specialised Translation, a former member of the editorial board of MultiLingual (October 1997 to January 2007, covering 70 issues), a founder and CEO of The Institute of Localisation Professionals, a member of the OASIS Technical Committee on the XML-based Localisation Interchange File Format and the OASIS Technical Committee on Translation Web Services. He joined the International Unicode Conference Committee in 2005 and 2006 coordinating a localization stream for the Unicode Conferences. In 2005, he launched together with Pat Hall the Global Initiative for Local Computing. He is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick (UL), and the founder and director of the Localisation Research Centre at UL, established in 1995 as the information, educational, and research center for the localization community.
Schils Clio Schils
Clio Schils joined Lionbridge in July 2007 as operations manager, leading the operations team of the Wuppertal office in Germany. For the previous seven years, she worked for Medtronic, where she was responsible for the localization quality of medical, technical and marketing documentation for the market, working out of the Netherlands office. Clio also works with Localization World as the coordinator and moderator of the Medical Localization Round Table sessions, an initiative of the Localization Institute, Inc. Starting as a translator after her studies in Brussels, Clio gained 20 years of experience in localization project and linguistic management. Prior to her management positions at Medtronic and Lionbridge, she worked as a Greek translator for the Integrated Mediterranean Programs of the European Union in Athens and spent four years in California, working as a freelance translation project manager. Clio holds a master's degree in interpretation in Greek/German/Dutch.
Kaufman Julie Selby
Julie Selby holds a BA in business management from Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California and has worked at Sun Microsystems, Inc., for the past 19 years. During this time, Julie has worked with various teams within Sun to enable software product readiness for global markets. Engagement with marketing, services, QA, development and finance are some of the key areas where collaboration needs to occur in order to deliver global-ready products. She has driven adoption of new localization processes while streamlining costs within the globalization organization. Before joining the Sun globalization team, Julie worked in Intercontinental Operations Sales and Customer Services supporting the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Julie was one of the early adopters of the OpenWork program at Sun.
Sennelart Jean Senellart
As director of Research & Development at SYSTRAN, Jean Senellart leads the development path of the company’s hybrid machine translation (MT) technology. Jean has expertise in the development of translation products and solutions for the desktop, server and internet, as well as enterprise-scale projects and customized MT systems. Jean has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ecole Polytechnique, in Paris, France, as well as a master's and Ph.D. in computational linguistics from Université Paris 7, France. Jean also teaches a course in MT at Ecole Polytechnique, remains involved in the localization standardization project, and is a member of the OLIF consortium.
Shannon Paula Shannon
As chief sales officer, senior vice president and general manager, Paula (Barbary) Shannon manages the Lionbridge global sales force and strategic account management teams. Paula joined Lionbridge in 1999 as vice president of internet alliances and assumed additional worldwide sales responsibilities in 2001. Prior to joining Lionbridge, she was the chief sales and marketing officer for ALPNET, Inc., now SDL. Paula has 20 years of experience in the industry, including 10 years in senior roles with Berlitz International in California, Washington, D.C., and Canada, where she drove global accounts and managed a North American sales team. Paula speaks English, French and Dutch and is functional in German, Spanish and Russian. Educated in the United States and Belgium, she holds a BA in Russian and German with a minor in linguistics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Shannon Janis Shea
Janis Shea, the account director at Lionbridge for St. Jude Medical, is a localization industry veteran with over 12 years' experience and has worked in all facets of globalization, including internationalization, localization and tools. She has been with Lionbridge for over seven years and currently focuses on Life Sciences accounts. Janis holds a BA in German literature from the University of California, Irvine.

Sikes Richard Sikes
Richard Sikes has been immersed in localization since 1989, having held senior localization management positions at several industry-leading software publishers. Through his company Localization Flow Technologies, he now works as a globalization management consultant and technology trainer. As well as his ongoing association with The Localization Institute, Across Systems and Plunet, Richard is a Certified PASSOLO Trainer. During 2007 and 2008, he also served as director of sales and marketing for KCSL.  He holds a BA in fine arts from the University of California, Irvine, Diplom Betriebswirt FH from the Fachhochschule Heidelberg, and an MBA from the University of Toronto. Richard has presented frequently on a wide variety of topics at the Localization World and Gilbane conferences, and his articles appear with regularity in
MultiLingual magazine.
Singer April Singer
April Singer has been with IBM for almost 25 years, the last 10 years in the software consulting business. As practice manager for Globalization Services, she has the pleasure of working with clients worldwide who require assistance to improve the language-neutral capabilities of their software and reduce their software globalization costs. From designing a globalization solution or globalization organization and process, to improving globalization and translation testing capabilties, to training, translation and localization, April calls on the globalization, industry and engineering expertise of IBM consultants throughout the world.
Singh Nitish Singh
Nitish Singh is assistant professor of international business at the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University. Previously, he was a professor at California State University (CSU) Chico and headed the localization certification program there. His educational efforts in the field of localization have been supported by US Department of Education, CSU, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft and other companies. He is the co-author of The Culturally Customized Web Site: Customizing Web Sites for the Global Marketplace. Nitish holds a Ph.D. in marketing and international business from Saint Louis University, an MBA from Pune University-India and an MA in Marketing from University of Glamorgan UK. He has been active in training and consulting in the field of localization for websites, international e-business strategy, doing business in China and India, and marketing to Hispanics online. Nitish is the recipient of research excellence awards from CSU and Saint Louis University and was named one of the top 10 reviewers for International Marketing Review. His research has appeared in the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Thunderbird International Business Review, Journal of Advertising Research, Multinational Business Review, Journal of Consumer Behavior and others.

Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith is responsible for marketing and client support at SH3, Inc, a translation service company with headquarters in Kansas City. She has 18 years of experience working with clients throughout the country to facilitate their foreign language programs. SH3’s client base includes major equipment manufacturers in the agricultural sector. She is the editor of SH3's newsletter, The TransLetter, and is a frequent presenter at industry and trade group meetings. She is an active member of the Society for Technical Communications, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association. Jackie graduated from the University of Kansas with a major in graphic arts and an emphasis in language. Before joining SH3, she worked in advertising for several Kansas-city based manufacturers.

  An Stuyven
An Stuyven is executive manager of Skrivanek Germany and on the executive committee of business development at Skrivanek. After having studied interpreting in Brussels, she gathered rich experience at the EU Parliament in project management and in optimizing the processing of translation projects, before she came to Skrivanek.
Sutton Kirsten Sutton
Kirsten Sutton has worked on both the vendor and the client sides of the localization industry for more than 12 years. Her last nine years have been spent at Business Objects managing the company’s localization effort. All translations at Business Objects are centralized through Kirsten’s team, thus making her responsible for managing corporate-wide terminology along with all departmental translation needs. Her degrees are in linguistics and French cooking, and she finds that her chef certification often comes in handy at translation department meetings.
Tang Li Tang
Li Tang is a computer engineer who has naturally evolved into her localization manager position thanks to her professional knowledge and personal interest. She has been working with CCP since the beginning of the internationalization of EVE Online, and she is responsible for making Eve Online available in 10 languages.
Tenney Merle Tenney
Merle Tenney has been involved in the development of international software for over 25 years.  He has developed translation tools, translation and editing frameworks, spelling checkers, first and second language grammar checkers, and monolingual and bilingual reference dictionaries at ALPNET, Lexpertise, Microlytics and Microsoft, as well as managing software internationalization and localization at Claris, Apple, Palm and Yahoo!
Van der Meer Jaap van der Meer
Jaap van der Meer is a member of the Localization World management team. A cofounder and director of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), he is also cofounder and partner of Cross Language. Jaap started his first translation company in The Netherlands in 1980, and in 1987 he published the first desktop translation memory software. Jaap cofounded the SAE TopTec Multilingual Communications Conference for the automotive industry and was president and CEO of ALPNET.
Watts Ed Watts
Ed Watts, a senior localization engineer with Oracle’s retail business unit, has been involved in software localization at several companies for nearly two decades. In addition to delivering and maintaining Oracle retail applications in 10 languages, Ed trains internal development and QA teams about internationalization. He has a BA in business and an MA in linguistics, and has lived in England and Argentina. He is fluent in Spanish, gets by in French, and has a prized collection of phrases in several other languages.
  Matthew Whiting
Matthew Whiting has been in the software industry for 20 years. For the last seven years, he has been in the entertainment software industry managing a creative team of game writers, content editors, print and web designers and localization experts for Microsoft Game Studios. The company creates AAA video games for the Xbox 360 and the Windows gaming platforms. Matt's creative team works on every single title that Microsoft Game Studio publishes, including the
Halo, Gears of War, Flight Sim, Fable, Forza Motorsport, and Zoo Tycoon franchises.
Kaufman Trond Wuellner
Trond Wuellner, localization manager at Google, joined th ecompany in August 2007 to help it focus on implementing processes and systems to extend the company's mission of making the world's information accessible in as many languages as possible. In the past year, Google has doubled the number of localized products it offers and is on pace to continue that trend in 2008. Prior to joining Google, Trond served in roles across HR, IT, marketing and sales within the telecommunications industry. Trond holds an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT and a BS in engineering and computer science from Northwestern University.
Zerfass Angelika Zerfaß
Angelika Zerfaß holds a degree in translation (Chinese/Japanese) from the University of Bonn. She worked at the Japanese Embassy in Bonn, Germany, before joining TRADOS in 1997. She was responsible for the training and support for Microsoft projects using TRADOS tools (1998 in Japan, 1999 in the United States). Since 2000, she has worked freelance as a trainer and consultant for translation tools and related processes.
Zetzche Jost Zetzsche
Jost Zetzsche is a translator, a localization and translation consultant, and a widely published author of books and articles on the technical aspects of translation. A native of Hamburg, Germany, he earned a Ph.D. in the field of Chinese translation history and linguistics and began working in localization and technical translation in 1997. In 1999, Jost cofounded International Writers’ Group on the Oregon coast. In 2005 he helped launch TM Marketplace, a company that trades translation memories, and his latest endeavor is TranslatorsTraining.com, a site that offers in-depth comparisons of translation tools.



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