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We like to think of sponsorships at Localization World as partners working together to bring a relevant, informative, interesting and fun event to the localization industry. By associating your company with the leader in localization and globalization events, you make the statement of being a major player in your field.

Our sponsorships have been designed to give you the maximum exposure for each particular level of participation. For further information or questions regarding sponsorship, please contact us or download our sponsorship brochure.

Lionbridge provides globalization and outsourcing services that enable clients to develop, localize, test and maintain technology applications and enterprise content globally. Lionbridge adapts client products and content to meet the linguistic, technical and cultural requirements of organizations worldwide. Lionbridge outsourcing services include the development, maintenance and testing of enterprise applications to ensure the quality, usability and performance of clients’ products. Lionbridge has a dedicated team of over 4,000 employees worldwide located in 50 offices in 25 countries, with development centers in India, China and Eastern Europe. Lionbridge clients take advantage of the company’s multi-shore operating platform to expand program reach and reduce costs.


Scribers International
is a vibrant and growing localization agency that has gained a strong foothold in Singapore and around the region. Equipped with ISO 9001:2008 certification and a team of energetic and experienced staff, Scribers adopts a business consulting methodology that enables us to understand clients’ requirements thoroughly. With our global pool of technology and language partners, we are able to support clients with undivided attention and to deliver excellent services and internationalization for over 100 languages across different medias.


Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd is a leading ISO 9001:2008 global content consulting services company that assists corporations around the world to design, develop, localize and publish their global communication messages in over 60 languages across various channels. Verztec has earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for global learning initiatives as well as creation and production of business communications. Verztec was the officially appointed Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC 2009) translation and interpretation company for all conferences, workshops and meetings during the APEC 2009 Singapore Year. Established in 2000, Verztec is headquartered in Singapore with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, Japan, China and Korea.


EQHO Communications is a long-established provider of multilingual and multicultural communications solutions for the global marketplace. Working in all commercial languages, but with special focus on Asian emerging markets, EQHO is the trusted translation partner of many of the top 50 multilanguage vendors worldwide. In addition to text localization, EQHO is a leader in the field of audio and multimedia localization. EQHO is a Swedish-Thai owned organization and maintains its headquarters and main production center in Bangkok, Thailand, a translation office in Vientiane, Lao PDR, and a local sales office in Brno, Czech Republic. EQHO was recently ranked as a top 20 Asia-based language service provider by Common Sense Advisory.


Hunnect Limited has been driven by one aim in the past ten years of operation: to provide the company’s clients with high-quality services on time and within budget. Fulfilling these requirements completely and immediately is the foundation of our business. High performance and the quality work of our teams are guaranteed and marked by our professional approach, our quality assurance systems (ISO 9001:2009 and EN 15038), our state-of-the-art infrastructure and continuous training. Hunnect offers linguistic services, including translation, localization, linguistic quality assurance, machine translation, post-editing, instruction of linguistic technologies and creation of e-learning materials into 35 languages focusing on the Eastern European markets.


Moravia is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, and life sciences industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland, USA and throughout Europe. To learn more, please visit www.moravia.com.


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