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as of 11 June 2007

Localization World session classifications are explained below. Each Localization World conference is organized with the help of a program committee drawn from all corners of the localization community.

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Preconference Day Program (19 June)
Program for Day One (20 June)
Program for Day Two (21 June)

Day One: Wednesday, 20 June

Session topic color codes:
Localization Business
Translation Automation Standards
Localization Process
Industries Geographies


Registration. Exhibits Open

Welcome: Joachim Wuermeling,
Administrative Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Plenary 1: Local Language First
Ulrich Henes
Speaker: Jaap van der Meer, TAUS
9.45 Break. Exhibits Open
A1: A Meta-Language for Termbases
Moderator: Ulrich Henes
Speakers: Kurt Hilgenberg, k-score, GmbH; Angelika Zerfaß, zaac

Break. Exhibits Open

B2: Translation Memory: New Advances and Future Improvements
Moderator: Jaap van der Meer
Speaker: Ilia Kaufman, KCSL Inc.

Lunch. Exhibits Open
Vendor Presentations:
12.30-13.15: Localization 2.0 Lionbridge Technologies
13.15-14.00: PASSOLO 6 — Reloaded
PASS Engineering GmbH

A3: Implementing Translation Workflow in a Global Supply Chain
Moderator: Karen Combe
Speakers: Heidi Depraetere, Cross Language; Norbert Ehrlich, Deere & Company; Ken Shaw, NACCO; Sigrid Steegen, Gambro BCT
B3: Localization – The Indian Perspective
Host: Sylvia Idström
Speaker: Rakesh Kumar, Braahmam Net Solutions


Break. Exhibits Open
A4: Best Practices in Designing Computer-based Training for Localization
Host: Clio Schils
Andres Heuberger, ForeignExchange Translations; Eoghan O'Maolain, Rendition Digital
B4: MTM Implementation and User Scenarios
Moderator: Thomas Hecht
Speakers: Heidi Depraetere, Cross Language; Fred Hollowood, Symantec; Gert Van Assche, ITP Europe


Plenary 2: Local Language First:
On which grounds do we decide to add a new language?

Moderator: Ulrich Henes
Speakers: Karen Combe, PTC; Tilman Hartenfels, Siemens; Christopher Pyne, SAP
19.00 - 23.00

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Day Two: Thursday, 21 June

Session topic color codes:
Localization Business
Translation Automation Standards
Localization Process
Industries Geographies

Exhibits Open
10.00 Break. Exhibits Open
A5: Managing Translation to Get Past Language Barriers
Host: Donna Parrish
Speaker: Donald A. DePalma, Common Sense Advisory
11.30 Break. Exhibits Open
A6: IGNITE Linguistic Infrastructure for Localisation: Language Data, Tools and Standards
Reinhard Schäler, Localisation Research Centre
Lunch. Exhibits Open
Vendor Presentations:
13.00-13.45: LTC Worx — No More Compromises The Language Technology Centre
13.45-14.30: Introducing across Language Server v3.5 across Systems
13.45-14.30: Introduction to GALA
B7: EN 15038 European Standard — Practical Remarks on Certification
Donna Parrish
Speakers: Grzegorz Baster, EUTECert; Andrzej Nedoma, Jurek Nedoma, Lido-Lang
Break. Exhibits Open
Plenary 4: The Joys and Pains of Growing (GALA session, open to all)
Moderator: Matthias Caesar
Speakers: Hans Fenstermacher, Translations.com; Paul
Keigher, Tek Translation; Arturo Quintero, Moravia Worldwide; Smith Yewell, Welocalize
  Prize awards, organized by GALA


End of conference

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Preconference: Tuesday, 19 June

Conference Registration opens
GALA registration
WS2: Medical Round Table
Clients Only
Clio Schils, The Localization Institute
WS3: Introduction to Medical Localization
Simon Andriesen, MediLingua Medical Translations; Andres Heuberger, ForeignExchange Translations
Lunch Break 12.00 - 13.30

WS1: TAUS: Hands-on Translation Automation (continued)

WS2: Medical Round Table (continued)
Clients and Vendors
Clio Schils, The Localization Institute
WS4: TILP: How to Master .NET Localization
Florian Sachse, PASS Engineering (for TILP members)

WS5: Games Localization Round Table
Miguel Bernal, Roehampton University;
Ulrich Henes, The Localization Institute

WS7: Practical Standards: Shaping Uniform Language Requirements for Business (GALA members only)
Serge Gladkoff, Hans Fenstermacher, Donald A. DePalma, Kim Harris
19.30 - 21.30 Opening reception

Localization World Taxonomy

The organizers of Localization World have developed a localization taxonomy to help active participants as well as first-time visitors find their way around the world of localization. Issues are classified in three broad topics: Functions, Industries and Geographies. This classification is used both in the Localization World Network — where it will help you identify fellow travelers and network with others who share your interests — as well as in the Localization World program where each session is "tracked" according to the taxonomy.

Localization World Program Committee:
Kevin Bolen, Lionbridge
Chris Boorman, SDL
Jonathan Bowring, Canon

Matthias Caesar, GALA, Locatech
Karen Combe, PTC
Andreas Dürr, across Systems
Thomas Hecht, Siemens
Fred Hollowood, Symantec
Sylvia Idström, Sony Ericsson
Conrad Pokorny, Semantix
Chris Pyne, SAP
Elisa Tormes, Tek Translation

Localization World — Producers

The Localization Institute, an independent organization providing quality resources, training, seminars and conferences on localization, internationalization and international business development.
MultiLingual Computing, Inc., publisher of MultiLingual, the magazine about localization, internationalization, translation and the tools and technology for those processes.

Localization World is produced in cooperation with

The Globalization and Localization Association, a fully representative nonprofit international industry association for the translation, internationalization, localization and globalization industry.

Exhibitors and Sponsors
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